Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

Yay! I got my fence panels today!! I bought 10, plus 2 mini fences for the brick flower box out front. I'm going to start putting it all up on Thursday. After paying all the bills and a few other errands, I was too hot by the time I got home. I put all the panels in the shed. I'll take pictures of the new fence on Thursday.
Oh, and I signed up for a Home Depot credit card & got approved on the spot! I didn't use it today, but I did get over $20 discount on what I bought because I applied! Like I really need another credit card ...
Having some pitted Kalamata olives and leftover lamb shank for lunch. Mmmm.
Going to do our big grocery shopping tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the stores won't be too crowded with the holiday. I want to fill up the chest freezer with MEAT! It is empty right now (first time in about 10 years!), so I have it turned off to clean.

Oh, cool.
There is going to be a 10th season of the health series on PBS starting this month called Healing Quest. There will be 7 episodes about the Weston A. Price Foundation! I want to see it! Check your local listings!! http://www.healingquest.tv/ You can see a preview on this website: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/healing-quest-tv-show-on-pbs/ I've never watched the show before, but I want to find the past episodes. So much to watch, so little time ...

Sad. Andy Griffith died today. I still watch his old show with Ronny Howard & Don Knotts.

Nice article on birdbaths! I want to get another one. http://www.motherearthnews.com/grow-it/birdbaths-are-good-for-the-garden-2.aspx

Oh, my! I just discovered this series, Eat The Weeds! I may never catch up on all the past episodes!! http://www.youtube.com/eattheweeds I have now subscribed to the channel.

Must make more sun tea!
One jug of Ruby Red Chai & Green tea; one of peach, green tea, black tea & spices; the last of green tea, lemon myrtle, burdock, nettle, & dandelion. Sitting in a row out on my fence in the sun, now.

I just signed this petition with the Center for Food Safety to urge Trader Joe's not to sell meat from animals given antibiotics: http://hq-salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/1881/p/dia/action/public/index.sjs?action_KEY=8006

Have a load of wash going. Tossed out 8 pairs of old, holey jeans that were way too big for me, now. Even with a belt! Should go through my shirts, too.
OK. Tossed 5 t-shirts & 2 vests. Saving 1 pair of jeans, 4 shirts, 1 vest & 3 t-shirts for the thrift store to drop of tomorrow. That made a bit of space in my closet!

This is good news! Never liked this stuff touching food. http://foodpoisoningbulletin.com/2012/industry-voluntarily-withdraws-greaseproofing-agents-from-market/

I need to contact the VFW or a boy scout troup to dispose of my old flag (it was here when we bought the place.) It's a bit ragged and I don't use it. It's just stuck in the shed.
I just found our local VFW. I'll call them Friday, after all the holiday festivities are done. https://www.vfw.org/oms/findpost.aspx
Don't forget to put your flags out tomorrow!

We're having marinated rosemary chicken legs/thighs, baked with spiced whole onions for dinner.

Why do idiots insist on climbing over the gate to my deck! It's obvious it is NOT an entrance! It does not open for a reason! Damn roaming politicians ... go away.

I am so behind in my emails. I have some saved from last YEAR! I really need to go through them soon. I have over 100 in my 'answer now' folder & over 200 in my 'save' folder ... taking up space in my Incredimail program. Not good ...

I have one week to finish catching up on the White Collar series before season 4 starts! Matt Bomer is soooo gorgeous ...

My mom was telling me about a new series she saw advertised on TV (which I rarely watch anymore, so hadn't seen it) that Eric McCormack is starring in. (She told me 'you know that guy that played the gay guy that had the bossy girlfriend?' - cracked me up - 'you mean, Will & Grace?' 'Yeah, that guy.' So, anyway, he apparently has a medical detective series coming up called Perception ... I might check it out. I've liked him since he was in an episode of Highlander back in the '90s.

I have never eaten a beet. Yet. Although, I do make a drink with powdered beet root in it. I really want to try one ...
LandrethSeedCo ‏@LandrethSeedCo
THE SEED OF THE DAY FOR MID-SUMMER AND FALL PLANTING – The Detroit Dark Red Beet –... http://fb.me/PMIJvHRg

Wow! Just got an email that was forwarded to all us reps from the top guy at our company. Praising all of us with always getting all our stores and projects done on time & about the thumbs up from several of our store chains! Nice!

It got to 93F again today.

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