Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012

I just got up! Late for me. Poor Nikky waited like a good girl.
First thing I saw on Twitter was this new campaign, “Illegal To Be You?” & this video:

I am sooo in debt! But, I expected it. Just spent almost $500 to half-fill my chest freezer with meat & get a few other things. But, it's all good.

Now, I don't know what I want for lunch! Figures! But, I know I am making lemonade in a few minutes. And, maple soda! There will be pictures up at QuinGem's Quisine later today. I haven't posted to that blog in ages!

I don't know what's up with Pinterest lately. I keep getting spam boards added to my page!! Pissing me off. I may just close my account there.

OK. Lunch was a quick fix. Raspberries with creme fraiche and cacao nibs! Yummy!

Load of wash running.

Another really good article from Mark's Daily Apple - about fat-burning:

Check out today's recipes at QuinGem's Quisine!

Dinner turned out great. Broiled Mozzarella tomatoes, broiled pork chops, watermelon chunks and raw milk! Was soooo yum!

Looking forward to starting on the fence tomorrow. Have to go out to the egg farm for eggs and milk first, though.

It got to 95F today, but the Delta Breeze seems to have returned. Maybe it will be a bit cooler tomorrow. Hope so.

Ezra and Nikky just hanging out in the kitchen before dinner. And, yes, Ezra does have all his legs, but he's hiding his front ones! ;)

Can already hear the loudspeaker echoing down the road from the high school. They are getting ready for their fireworks display already. I'll be able to see theirs from one end of my deck and the display from the fairgrounds from the other end. I watch every year since we bought this place.

Going to take Nikky out before the fireworks start, so she can go to bed. Then, I'll put the flag away and sit out on the porch to watch a few fireworks.

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