Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5, 2012

Got up a little early today. Have so much to do before the heat sets in. So, I'm going through my email, Twitter & Google+ before getting Nikky out of bed.

I get some crazy questions from customers to my online shops ...

I stayed outside last night until almost 9:30pm. It was quite a show. The high school didn't seem to have as much as usual, but the fairgrounds ... wow! The noisy neighbors had some nice little displays next door. Freaked their little Tony out, though. The noise was too much for him. Only 2 dogs in the park got loose, but they were soon corralled down the way, thank goodness.

Going to get ready to go to the egg farm. Will start on the fence when I get home.

I got 4 dozen eggs, 1 gallon of raw milk & 1 pint of raw colostrum at the farm this morning. I saw the last 2 calves that were born. They are sooo cute. The older one looks almost pure Jersey. I was told she's 7/8 Jersey, though. Most of their other cows are mixed Jersey, too. But, they are building up the percentage in their herd every few years. Jerseys aren't as common as they used to be.
Just came in from working on the fence. I got 3 panels in! I'm having to dig out weeds along the edge before putting the panels in, so that is taking more time. I hate Bermuda grass!! And, it is so hot out there, with no real shade where I'm working. I'm putting it in on the actual fenceline between my lot & Martin's. Don't know why the previous owners put the other fence 2 feet in ... & did that weird curve at one end. Wasted space.
The neighbor, Martin, likes it so much, he's thinking of getting the same fencing and finishing off along the driveway. That wooden fence will be coming down. It's not in the best shape. The nails keep working loose & I have to go along and hammer them back in all the time.
I'll be able to do more tomorrow, since I'll be starting earlier in the morning. I don't have to go do any errands first like I did today.

I'm annoyed with my tablet. It is not compatible to Google Play. :( There are several apps I want but can't get to install because of this. I can't even download it through iTunes! Geesh.

Time to watch Saving Hope starring Michael Shanks!

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