Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012

6 am
Woke up early again ...
Hope to finish getting the fence up today. I have to get the parts for the gate first.

This is pretty. Wish I had room for a pond.

Saturday, July 07, 2012 SIGHTS OF SUMMER THOUGHTS – The Lily Pons Double Waterlily – Many years ago I discovered...

Done for the day. Too hot. But, I got the huge stepping stones moved so I can get to the wood edger to dig it up. It is pretty much rotted anyway. Have to get it up before I can get the old gate off and the new one on.
Just got home from Home Depot and OSH. Spent way too much, of course. But, I got the gate parts, solder, the chain link fence slats, 12 red brick edgers & a retractable clothesline. Will need to paint a few of the gate parts black in the morning before I can put them on. I wish it wasn't so darn hot - it's 97F right now - I want to go out and work some more in the yard! But, I've got dinner going ... I also bought some fresh strawberries from a kid on the corner on the way home. Need to clean them and get them in the freezer tonight.

Oh, and I stopped at WalMart & bought a foam mattress pad. Hope it helps. Keep getting poked by old springs & it's a hard mattress. I think that's why I've been waking up early lately. I really don't want to get a new mattress set. It belonged to Papa & was fairly new when he died ... in 1969. It was rarely used after that, until I moved it here 3 years ago when we bought this place.

This is an interesting little article about sleep: 

I hate when people go missing ...
ACTIVE AMBER Alert: Ellis Poree Jr – Harris County,TX « AMBER Alert »
Incident. Harris County Sheriff's Office has issued an Amber Alert for missing 8-year-old Ellis Poree, Jr. He is a black male last seen with his mother's boyfriend, a known drug user, Roderick Earl St...
I had to change my darn password on Pinterest. Still can't decide whether I want to delete the account there. But, every day I've been deleting spam boards!

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