Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

Three years ago today, I bought my home.
Back to work after a week off. I don't wanna!
Just sent for a free pet sample pack from Nordic Naturals. Should be here in a month or so.

106F predicted for today ...

So lazy. Decided to take one more day off. Doing some room rearranging and decisions about the big room at the front end of the trailer. It's too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The furnace & AC just don't push that far as they are at the back end of the trailer. So, most of the year, it is uncomfortable! Such a waste! Until I can figure out something, we won't be using that room much - haven't for the past 2 months, anyway. My office, the living room and the dining room are in there ... So, I've moved my good printer, the laptop, my work files into my room since I'm in here all the time anyway now. My desktop computer is in here. We will be moving the big fish tank into the dove/exercise room so they will get more attention. And, Nikky & Ezra's toys have been moved in there.

Bought this ebook today:
Among The Stags


OK. That was odd. Lucky (Pekinese) who lives about 2 blocks down the road somehow ended up in my totally fenced yard along with his little black kitten that follows him. I just carried him back home and the kitten followed us. How they got IN my yard is a puzzle. Pekinese don't jump over 3-foot fences and there are no pawholds for him to grab onto ... I'm thinking someone read his tag wrong & put him in the yard. It says 28, not 38. 
Need food.

Not sure why I keep hitting the publish on this page. I've done it twice this morning! Keep having to revert it to draft.

I have not accomplished anything today. Just a really lazy day. I did get blisters on my feet, though. From walking on the hot tarmac to take Lucky home ... It wasn't even that hot out yet at the time. 

Just got the whole collection of Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason in eBooks!! And, the Chet & Bernie Mysteries by Spencer Quinn!!

I just set alarms for all my favorite upcoming TV shows on my Tablet. I rarely watch TV anymore & if I don't do this, I probably won't remember what's on, when & what channel! This should work out well.

Time for dinner. Spicy hot wings and veggies.

No exercises today ...

'Only' got to 98F today, so heatwave is officially over. Still too damn hot.

Almost time for a new White Collar!!!

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