Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday to Darla! The best big sister I wish I could have had. Wish you were here.

New ebooks today:
Michael Taggart Photography: The Men

Spent 2 hours outside pulling weeds and doing a little maintenance on my car. Rode my bike to the mailbox, too. (Nikky was not happy that we didn't take a walk.) Have a load of laundry started.

Have part of the load hanging on the line. Will go take them down and hang the rest in about 30 minutes. Made a yummy lunch. Will make 4 different quarts of sun tea after I'm done eating. Then will clean the doves' cages & vacuum their room.

Got the doves' cages clean; vacuumed. The last third of the wash load hanging (sheets take up a lot of room on a line); sun tea almost ready to come back in; bed half-made (waiting on the sheets); and some computer stuff done. 

We've decided to sell Squabbie (rather than eat him ...) & Little Boy. I'll check with the pet shop I sold the oldest doves to a couple years ago & see if they will buy these 2. So, then we will just have Big Boy and Little Girl. I will be getting a few finches next month, too. Any babies the birds have will be sold. Just don't seem to have it in me to butcher any more. Used to do it all the time ...

Bed is made. Searched under my mom's bed for scattered puzzle pieces. Found none. Ezra knocked her puzzle board over yesterday and now she's missing five pieces ... who knows where they are!

My bad shoulder is really bothering me right now and I haven't even done my exercises yet ...

Cleaned out some items in my Bonanza and Webstore shops. Some of them were sold at the yard sale last month & I forgot to delete them. And, some went to GoodWill. I'm giving a couple of things to my neighbor tomorrow, too.

Trying to make some price changes in my Bonanza shop, but it's not letting me! Will deal with it tomorrow.

Just came in from reading 2 chapters of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon. Nikky was getting upset from the noise echoing from the Fairgrounds. Sounds like the Demolition Derby is going on. I thought that was usually on the last day of the fair which is tomorrow. I don't know. It's been over 20 years since I've been to it.

Got all of my exercises done except the exercycle since I rode my bike this morning. I also added a new one, working with the big ball. It's a hard one, so could only do one. Going to work up to ten.

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