Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012

Looks to be another hot day predicted to continue a mini-heatwave.
I have a load of wash ready to hang on the line.

"A man who has lost his sense of wonder is a dead man."
--William of St-Thierry, theologian
I love having a clothesline!
This looks like a really interesting book & maybe a movie in the future: The Real Story of the Female Hunter of Delaware County
Got home at a reasonable time today. Stopped by the farm after I serviced a local store and got 2 gallons of raw milk. Yum. Bought an umbrella for the yard this morning, too! Half price sale, so it was only $17!! And, it's big! Just need to buy a nice wrought iron base for it. Brought in this morning's laundry.
Need to find something to eat, now ...
Got the fish filter changed in the big tank and their glass cleaned. Old Betta died the other day, so I need to get his little tank cleaned before we can get another. Maybe next week ...

Ooh, there's a Glee episode on tonight at 9. Good!

The Pleasures of Slow Living

I am so stuffed. And, I will probably feel sick tomorrow. Thank goodness we don't have much pasta left in the pantry. Can't wait until it's gone and I won't buy any more.

I'm very annoyed with this book company. Three days ago their system wouldn't accept the gift voucher. They finally get back to me & say it's fixed. Um ... no, they raised the prices equal to the $10 of my coupon. WTF! So, no. Not going to bother. I'll just get the freebie ebooks & not bother with the others I wanted.

All exercises are done for the day.

Going to clean my bathroom sink now.

Bathroom sink & mirror sparkling now.

25 clever ideas to make life easier

Ezra is due for his rabies shot this weekend. Really don't want to pay the high price at the VIP clinic, so need to check if the shelter has a clinic this weekend.
The heat is just hanging on tonight. It's still 97F.
93F ... ugh.

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