Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012

Up early again ... I may need to 'up' my melatonin ...
This month seems to be going by quickly.

Ugh. It has not been the best day. My first store went well. The second was a big pain. It's bad enough when the customers mess up my displays. That's normal. But, when the store's employees literally fuck up my planograms so badly I have to spend double my time in the store straightening up their mess, it really pisses me off. My signage was switched around. Pegs were moved. Glasses on entirely wrong displays. There are stickers under each peg to tell what glasses go where. Don't touch my damn displays! Told the manager. He said it won't happen again. Plus, their A/C was out!! It was hotter in the store than out. I'm exhausted. Haven't had such a bad time in a store in a looooong time. And, it is one of my favorite stores, normally. I've serviced that store for almost 12 years. For a couple of years with another company and the past ten with my current one. And, it has had the same manager all that time - which is really rare.

Can you believe TV Guides are $4!!!! My mom has been bugging me to get her one since I turned in the digital cable boxes & we are back to extended basic. So, no interactive guide on the TV. She's going to have to deal with Channel 17. It defeats the purpose of saving money getting rid of the digital cable if we pay that same amount for the stupid magazine!


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I just have no energy right now. I must have gotten overheated in that hot store. I don't have a headache, though, thank goodness.

New ebook:

Wow. White Collar was really good tonight. And, Neal didn't even get in any trouble!
Need to take a good dose of melatonin tonight. I really need a good sleep after today. Have 2 stores I need to get done tomorrow and hopefully won't have as much trouble as today! 

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