Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Today's eBook snags:
Heads or Tails 
In a Family Way 

Made some cough syrup base this afternoon. You can find it on my other blog: QuinGem's Quisine I've been wanting to make something like it for ages.
Serviced 2 stores today and of course, each had small resets and the store misplaced parts of it! Had to inform my manager. Hopefully, the missing items will be found or replaced by my next visit.
Another lovely day that I didn't use the AC. It was a little warmer than yesterday, but still a nice breeze coming in my window right now.

New Perception episode tonight.

My mom may be convinced not to buy TVGuide now! There are no daytime listings anywhere in the magazine any more! WTF! What a waste of money. 

I did something to my bad shoulder yesterday and it still hurts. I think I twisted it where the clavicle sits on top of the humerous (which is where the end of the rotator cuff joins - the opposite end of which I tore out several years ago ...) I can move it, but it aches badly. Especially above shoulder-level. Might have just strained the AC joint ... I hope.

My mom has been bugging me for a Shark Steam Mop. So, I just ordered her one from Home Depot. It was $5 off and free shipping. Should have it by next Monday. For some reason I couldn't get it to Ship to Store ...

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