Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

I serviced one store this morning. Fairly quick and easy day. Not in the mood to eat lunch, so going to go outside and hang up a load of laundry and sweep the backyard.

It's been a nice day, so far. Swept. Did the laundry. Finally decided where to plant the lemon tree I bought last month. Will do that on Saturday.

It's 91F right now. Hopefully, this will be the third day in a row without the AC on in quite a while. Breeze coming through the window.

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Snagged ebooks:
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THE BULB OF THE DAY FOR MID-SUMMER AND FALL PLANTING – The Tazetta Narcissus, Silver Chimes –...

Dad Wears Dress in Solidarity With Dress-Loving Son

New Orleans is being hit by another big hurricane with lots of rain. 

Been watching the hurricane coverage on the Weather Channel. It's really nothing like the Katrina coverage was ... thank goodness. Other than the freaky reverse on the Mississippi River due to the storm surge, I don't think it will be as devastating.

Can't wait until White Collar starts in 45 minutes!!

Well, that is cool. I just discovered that I can use my Calibre program as a reader! I don't have to keep converting everything to .pdf! I like that.

OK. It's dark in New Orleans. Sheeting rain. So, what idiot in wardrobe puts dark pants and hooded jackets on the idiot weathermen standing in the middle of the road. Al Roker almost got run over.

White Collar was so fun to watch!

Some of you (my online friends - you know who you are!) know that a few years ago I was really panicking about getting jury duty. I did everything in my power to avoid it. I was still in the midst of severe depression and we were living in that dreary dump of an apartment. Well, I recently decided that if I got yet another summons, I'd go for it. But, then I actually got one and promptly forgot about it! So, I called the number for rescheduling and today got another summons. And, it is on the same day as my mom's next appointment with her heart doctor!!!! So, she is going to call and reschedule. Anyway. My first foray into jury duty is on 9/24. Hmmm. I'll have to check their website and see if there are rules about bringing eReaders and if they have free wifi in the waiting area ... ;)

My mom has now started bugging me about getting an exterminator for the ants and other bugs. Ugh ... if she'd actually help clean, it wouldn't be a problem ... now I need to call around and research whether any local pest companies are green. I'd rather put up with bugs than intentionally poison my home ...

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