Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

Too many bills. I'll have to cut back on them soon. Luckily, my mom's SS came early due to Monday being a holiday, so they will all be paid on time.

My new breakfast alarm did not go off (I set it wrong ...), so no time to eat before I go pay the bills & get the fencing ... will eat when I get back. I hope I can fit all those fence panels in my tiny car ...

It's already been a long day! Got the bills paid and got 'part' of the fencing. They only had 14 panels, so I got them all. I need 20, but will have to wait to get the rest. Might have to go to West Sac. to get them next week. Waiting for Laura (park manager) to come by so I can make sure how far the fence can be to the gas meters.

Load of laundry going, so getting lunch now.

Just made a yummy batch of raw whipped cream. So good. Going to have it on some peaches tonight.

eBook snags:
Vegetable Container Gardening: 7 Easy Steps To Healthy Harvests from Small Spaces

I just discovered how to use my Task Scheduler as a calendar reminder!! I can't believe I have never used this little program on ANY of my computers in the past. I saw an article in How-To-Geek about it. Very cool!

Wow. Had a surprise visit from cousin Curtis. He was here for an hour or so. He wanted to make sure when the car needed to be smogged as the check engine light is on all the time. I'm very surprised he remembered that! But, it doesn't need to be smogged until Feb., so there's time to fix it before then ... And, he wants to bring his mom's huge hutch over in the next month finally. I can't wait. I really want it for my office, so I can get rid of all the old milk crates I have my books in. He really likes my new fence.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
MELISSA DURAN. Case Type: Non Family Abduction. DOB: Apr 28, 1995, Sex: Female. Missing Date: Aug 31, 2012, Race: Hispanic. Age Now: 17, Height: 5'4" (163 cm). Missing City: HENDERSON, Weight: 125 lbs...

This is a fun vid:

I loved Magnificent Seven & Ezra played by Anthony Starke was my favorite character. I named my cat after him!

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