Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012


Going Green: 4 Simple Suggestions

Forgot to mention yesterday that I bought a cast iron grill! I've wanted one for a long time! Cured it last night in the oven, so it's ready to use for some spare ribs tonight. It fits just right in the oven. I mentioned to an online friend a few months back that I had a collection of cast iron pots & pans. Some were my grandmother's, so are probably close to 100 years old, but still work just fine. I'm going to finally take the promised picture of them all tomorrow when I clean my cupboards.

Wow. I was outside for 3 hours and only got about 2 square feet dug out of weed roots & black mesh. It's going to take forever! FYI ... weed barrier cloth DOES NOT WORK, people! Whoever laid it down in this space was an idiot or was conned (both!)

About to load Ezra up for his trip to the shots clinic. Yes, it is today - at 4pm. My mom is even ready to go. Get this over with ...

Well, Ezra has his rabies shot for another year. Sucks they won't give the 3-year to cats any more. We also bought a new male Betta. He's gorgeous. We are going to put him in the big tank & hope he gets along with the rasboras, danios & tetra. There are 5 of them & it's a 29-gallon tank, so hopefully, there will be enough room they all have their own territory. The 20-gallon hex that the other Betta was in is filthy, so need to clean it before anyone else can move in. The pictures are a little blurry. He's a fast mover!

My mom forgot that we were going to have OVEN grilled pork ribs tonight and tried to cook them with the grill on 2 stove burners ... Um, just no. So, I just moved the hot cast iron grill into the oven ... Need new hot pads. The old ones are really getting grungy & it's not washing away anymore.

Got all of my exercises done. I think Nikky & I will go out and read for a bit under the carport.

This is a good story: Tahoe Shakespeare festival produces 4-legged star

Our neighbor, Daisy (Martin's wife) just brought over these beautiful peppers. She didn't know what kind they are & neither do I! I think I will cut them up and dehydrate them tomorrow.
I'm watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead tonight.


Jack O'Neill said...

Looks like banana peppers, or some weird hybrid. Be careful, they could be hot.

QuinGem said...

I thought it might be some type of banana pepper, too. But, I do expect them to be a hot type. That is why Daisy brought them to me, as Martin does not like spicy. ;)