Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012



It's supposed to get to 105F today. Yuck. 
I have a lot of shopping to do this morning. Have to run to Trader Joe's in Davis for a couple things, pay WalMart bill, stop at OSH for the umbrella stand, and go to the farm for milk and eggs. Hope I will miss too much heat.

Hmmm ... Personally, I think this can become dangerous: Google to include people's GMail in search results

I'm so tired from the heat. It's 100F right now. I got home about 2pm. I don't know if it was a wasted day or not. Feels like it with all the running around I had to do to find a damn wrought iron umbrella stand! It's late in the season, so the 3 Home Depots, OSH, Target that I went to didn't have any. So, I finally found my way to the Ace Hardware in Davis & found one painted ivory. It will do. I will be painting it black tomorrow. I also got the rest of the fence slats I need, as well as a few things at the Yolo Fruit Stand and a couple other stores. Then, I finally made it to the egg farm. Caught them just as they were leaving! I got 2 gallons of raw milk, 6 dozen eggs and the Mrs. also gave me some butter & mozzarella cheese she made for being their best customer! Sweet!

Fricken' Facebook won't keep stories hidden after I hide them. Pissing me off. It's happened before. But, it won't let me hide anything today! I have like 200 stories to wade through on there, damn it!

Got most of my exercises done, but feel bored. Listening to John Denver albums again. I need to make some artwork, but don't feel like it. Don't feel like reading right now. Caught up with answering email, Twitter, G+ & FB ... Should be hunting for some pictures I couldn't find yesterday that I really need to find ...

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