Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23, 2012

Ebook snags:
Electric Pink
Thaw of the Firedancer
Knockin' Boots
The Paleo Aficionado Dessert Recipe Cookbook (The Paleo Diet Meal Recipe Cookbooks)  
Gluten Free Bread Recipes: How To Bake Delicious and Healthy Gluten Free Bread
Gluten Free Recipes & Dairy Free Recipes Vol. 2 (suitable for the paleo diet) 
61 Healthy Smoothies: Easy, Delicious & Nutritious Smoothie Recipes 

Did some weeding for about an hour. Have a load of clothes on the line. Vacuumed living room. Not going to do much else today other than decide on which ebooks to take with me tomorrow for jury duty. Who knows how long I'll have to wait to find out if I'm picked for one ... hope I'm not ...

Huh. So, I go to the courthouse website to double-check the schedule like my paperwork says to do ... good thing I did! My jury duty has been moved to Wednesday!! So, I can get several of my stores serviced & no chance of them being late or another rep needing to do them for me! Yay! I already had my food all ready, too ... will have to eat it tomorrow and find something else to take Wed.

Must make some sun tea. Then, I might get some creating done ... or at least organizing some of my images ...

Just finished making this for a challenge and then made it into Incredimail stationery.
Time to put Nikky to bed and then do some reading.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 22, 2012

Hopefully, this will be a nice, relaxing day for me. I need it! Going to the co-op for a few groceries later. Have a load of laundry in the washer.

Snagged ebooks:
51 Amazing Gluten-Free Appetizer Recipes (Fast, Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes)

The Paleo Aficionado Dinner Recipe Cookbook (The Paleo Diet Meal Recipe Cookbooks)

Gluten Free Cupcakes - Fabulous Gluten Free Dessert Recipes (Gluten Free Cookbook - The Gluten Free Recipes Collection)

Gluten-Free Meals: The Video Guide

Cinnamon Benefits: Wonderful Cinnamon for Treats and Health

72 Delicious Recipes for Dogs: Easy, Healthy, Homemade

It was such a nice day ... And, then, I came home ... nothing but complaints as soon as I'm through the door ...

Laundry is in. Going to clean the doves' cages and vacuum after I rest a bit.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Septembert 21, 2012

Woke up early ...

This was a good interview. I want this book! John & Carole Barrowman talk about 'Torchwood: Exodus Code'

ebook snags:
How To Increase Testosterone Naturally - 10 Ways To Boost Testosterone Levels

Family Abduction: RUBEN GONZALES (CA): RUBEN GONZALES, Age Now: 5, Missing: 08/25/2012. Missing From...

Family Abduction: PAUL GONZALES (CA): PAUL GONZALES, Age Now: 7, Missing: 08/25/2012. Missing From L...

Waiting for the furnace maintenance guy. Will most likely be an all-day thing. 
Already have 3rd load of laundry going. Using the dryer today as I pulled in the clothesline to be out of the way of getting to the furnace closet (which is in the back of the house.)

Furnace guy is here and already found a problem ... I am overheated, even with all the windows open as he has the heater on ... ugh. Hope it doesn't cost much extra to tighten a pipe. The AC pipe above the furnace was loose and leaking water onto the furnace controls ... so the box is rusted ...

Well, as expected, the furnace needs to be replaced. The old blower motor kept cutting out. It is the original 1975 furnace. Probably why it only heated half the trailer! So, now waiting for someone else to come from Bonney to give an estimate on replacing it with an electric unit. I don't want gas again, if it is feasible. Depending on if we qualify for one of their programs, I may have to wait until next year to replace it. We'll just use space heaters again. I don't mind, really!

It's been a long day. And, I will soon be almost $4000 poorer. Appt. to replace the furnace is Oct. 1. Luckily, I have enough credit to cover it. Will have to have another gas furnace as something in the local ordinances won't allow gas to be replaced by electric ... sucks.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 18-19-20, 2012

Woke up with a migraine. This is not my day (or week ...) Waiting to find out if everything has arrived at the new store.


Well, everything is supposed to be at the store by 10:30am. Except for the graphics, which were sent to me and won't arrive until Thursday! So, I will have to go back and put up the graphics! Ridiculous!

Migraine from hell ...

Endangered Runaway: CHRISTIAN GALVIS (FL): CHRISTIAN GALVIS, Age Now: 16, Missing: 09/18/2012. Missi...

Migraine was really bad last night, but I was able to watch White Collar's season finale!
Still have migraine this morning. Staying home.

THE FLOWER BULB OF THE DAY FOR FALL PLANTING – Galanthus Elwesii, A Snowdrop -...

Migraine may be leaving, but earache starting ...

Today's ebook snags:

I feel so exhausted!

Migraine is finally pretty much over. No earache or toothache. So, going to work today.   


Family Abduction: AILENE LANDER (AL): AILENE LANDER, Age Now: 15, Missing: 09/17/2012. Missing From ...

This week has pretty much SUCKED! I hate my new store. It's been nothing but problems so far. And, I just shifted my damn tooth again. I am so much pain! I dread tomorrow. I hope the furnace maintenance goes smoothly. My luck, I doubt it ...

And, Monday is jury duty. So, next week looks to be SUCKY, too ...

I'm not a happy camper right now.

Today's ebook snags:


Helpful Hint
Helpful Hint To easily remove paper decals or bumper stickers, wipe them repeatedly with white vinegar. Let the vinegar soak in. After a few minutes, the stickers should peel off easily.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Well, it looks like I will have the day off today. They still don't have the display at the new store and not enough product was sent to fill it if it was. So, extra product is now being sent, too. Supposed to go tomorrow AFTERNOON. I don't work in the afternoon normally. But, will have to if all of it shows up on time. The store opens on Wednesday! This set has been so unorganized ...

I went and paid a bill, bought a hand-sewer & batteries for it and got a couple things at the grocery store. Sad that this grocery store around the corner will be closing soon. They've already moved their pharmacy to another store in their chain across town. This store I can walk or ride my bike to in just a couple of minutes. The next closest is nearly a mile away. Plus, I get my gas at this store!! And, one of my banks has a branch inside!

14 Bleach-Free Surface Disinfectants

Tooth is starting to hurt again ...

Going to bring in the laundry off the line. Then, have a couple of swaps to package and also organize some of my receipts into envelopes.

Google needs to stop asking me for a mobile phone number when they make me log in! Don't have one!

Today's ebook snag:
JeBouffe Home Canning Step by Step Guide (second edition) Revised and Expanded

I feel awful. Tylenol gave me a stomach ache and my tooth still hurts a bit.

I don't want to work tomorrow. Still feel awful. My stomach is a mess.

Going to close up. Perception season finale on later tonight. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16, 2012

New ebooks for the day:
Adam's Gluten Free Surprise: Helping Others Understand Gluten Free
100 Easy Recipes in Jars
The Paleo Aficionado Breakfast Recipe Cookbook (The Paleo Diet Meal Recipe Cookbooks) 
Folsom on Fire

OK. So, in yet another effort to get myself some incentive to create crafts & graphics and Paleo recipes, I'm going to start yet another YahooGroup and blog - QuinGem's Quirky Quraft & Quisine Quest. Stay tuned! Hopefully, I will get some members who will actually participate with me ... 

I sure hope my oil check is in the mailbox! I have 2 bills due this week and also the workman coming to do service on the furnace on Friday! The maintenance is paid for, but if there's a problem and something needs to be fixed it won't get done. I might have to reschedule that ...

Well, no check ... will have to call Wyoming tomorrow to see why it is late again ...
I should work in the yard this morning. It is nice out. But, I just don't feel like it! So, will hunt for the little hand-held sewing machine.

Just tore up my craft area in the other room in search of the little hand sewer. I must have given it to GoodWill when we moved, unless it is in a storage bin somewhere. I'm thinking not. Oh, well. The craft area is neat now. Also vacuumed in there.

I thought I was finally at the end of transferring all my old email. Then as the Save folder was deleting, I saw all the sub-folders and it was too late to stop. I just purged hundreds of tutorials and other things I wanted to keep ... oh, well. The laptop is now empty, so I can restore it to factory specs next week. Time to start collecting tuts ... think I will ask Brad if he still has some saved.

One load of laundry done. Vacuumed the car and put everything back in its place (didn't do the trunk, though, but that will be another chore.)

Eggshell grit is made for another week. And, have the dishwasher cleaning itself with white vinegar.

Should do the oven, too. But, it's not self-cleaning and don't feel like making a baking soda/salt paste as I won't have time to clean it off in the morning (& I know my mom won't ...) So, may do it next weekend.

I am in some incredible pain right now. Had to actually take a Tylenol. We had beef short ribs for dinner and there was so much gristle, I moved a tooth while trying to chew it. That was not a good cut of meat ... it's hard to use an icepack on your jaw while you are typing! But, it is feeling better.

I haven't used any Tylenol for months & I already have a numb tongue. Still in pain, though ... won't be going outside to read tonight as I doubt I could concentrate on the story.

So, I'd love for you to join my new YahooGroup! It's QuinGem's Quirky Quraft & Quisine Quest! Gotta have all those Qs for Quinnie! Should have something with Gs for Gemini, but I never seem to do that ... hmmm.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15, 2012

I have the first load of wash started. Might do a second load of sheets later.
Need to eat something for breakfast.


Endangered Runaway: KAELYNNE PAEZ (CA): KAELYNNE PAEZ, Age Now: 14, Missing: 09/09/2012. Missing Fro...

Finished 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the doves' cages & vacuumed their room and the kitchen and my bedroom; changed sheets on my bed; going to make some taco seasoning to stock up and later will make an egg & spinach dish for dinner.
Still need to pin together the toilet cloths to sew later today.

Cleaned out my car of a lot of junk and things that need to be washed. Will vacuum it out tomorrow.
Made taco seasoning from scratch. Made about 1 cup, so that should last us a while.
Have everything set out to make dinner, so better get to it. 
Toilet cloths will be done after dinner.

Wow. This day is nearly gone! Going outside to read now.

Read 2 chapters of Supernatural: Bone Key. Starting to get good.
Snagged these ebooks today:

So ... didn't get any sewing done after all. Two sewing machines in my office in the living room. None in my bedroom office ... need to go through the craft boxes and shelves as I was sure I had a little portable hand-held sewing machine at one time. I could use that at my desk since I am too lazy to go in the other room! Will look in the morning.

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

ACTIVE AMBER Alert : Safrina Ugsang – Truth or Consequences, NM « AMBER Alert »
Incident. In cooperation with the Truth or Consequences Department the New Mexico State Police is issuing the following Amber Alert on New Mexico based on the fact that the child may have been abducte...

THE FLOWER BULB OF THE DAY FOR FALL PLANTING – An Exotic Iris. The Iris Bucharica – If you are looking for the...

Annoyed. Went to set up the new store and the fixture hasn't shown up! Called retail support and was informed the information on my work page was wrong. It didn't get shipped until today!!! The store opens next Wed.! So, I'll have to check back on Monday to see if it actually arrived. I'm not going to go another 50 miles out of my way unless the info is correct (it is 25 miles from me.)

Going to make some toilet cloths today. Found some small fabric squares in various blue designs (my bathroom is blue and white, and porcelain and chrome ...) 
Well, interesting. I just got a $5.99 credit from my hosting company for my website being down last week. That's good. I can apply it to my domain name renewal in Dec.

Snagged ebooks:


Made fresh toothpaste. Running low on zeolite, so will have to order some soon.

Going to iron & cut the fabric for the toilet cloths before I go outside to read. Darn. Just noticed one of the fabrics is not 100% cotton. Will be taking that one back. 
Read 3 chapters of Supernatural: Bone Key and also brought in the pitcher of sun tea I made.
Have the cloths all cut out. Just need to pin them together & sew them tomorrow. Not enough light to do more with them tonight. I'm making them 8x8 inches. There will be 2 of each color, for a total of 10 cloths. Next month, I will go to JoAnn's to get some nice flannel fabric to make more. Also need to go through all of the fabric I already have and see if I have any decent flannel first. I want to make at least 25 so I won't run out if I miss a day of laundry.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012

I'm getting a really late start with blogging and socializing today.
I serviced 2 stores today, bought a new scale, & went to the farm for 2 gallons of raw milk. I also dropped off some plastic containers to GoodWill and also the last of our dry pasta to Betty.

These are very good articles. I've been wanting to do this switch for a while and actually have done a few times. Just need to decide on storage ... I have plenty of fabric to make cloths.
Recycled Toilet Paper Not Such a Great Idea After All
Cloth Toilet Paper - How and Why 
Switching to Family Cloth

Wow. I was outside for nearly an hour finishing Supernatural: Witch's Canyon. Going to start reading Supernatural : Bone Key tomorrow. Good I finished reading. I was almost out of daylight! 

18 Handy Uses for Essential Oils

Well, I barely got through my hundreds of emails and social networking feed today. I may have to drop a few on Twitter. That was ridiculous today. Didn't accomplish anything when I got home other than finishing that book. Didn't even get any laundry done! Or my food blogs ...
Now, it's time for GLEE! So, I'm closing for the night.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012


THE FLOWER BULB OF THE DAY FOR FALL PLANTING – The Tassel Hyacinth, Muscari Comosum –...

Just watched this new ad and really like it. 
Obama’s Stirring New Gay Rights Ad

ACTIVE AMBER Alert: Kennedy McLaurin – Goldsboro,NC « AMBER Alert »
Home » Alerts » ACTIVE AMBER Alert: Kennedy McLaurin – Goldsboro,NC. Amber Alert. ACTIVE AMBER Alert: Kennedy McLaurin – Goldsboro,NC. Spread the Word. Incident. The child was abducted by the suspects...

Now my mom wants me to start buying extra milk from our farmer so we can freeze the extra for when their cows dry up (they have 2 milk cows right now) in March. Good idea, but I may have to buy a few more big jars soon ...

I sure hope my oil check is in the mailbox in the morning. I have bunches of bills due soon, plus milk and gas to buy.

Just came in from reading 3 chapters of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon. Hope to finish it tomorrow and start on book 3 of the series. I've been reading very slowly lately!

Today's ebook snags:
The Importance of Being Denny
Turbulence 3: Red-Eye Dawn (gay romance)
Under a Falling Star 
See Right Through (Savannah)
Wrong Turn (The Shenandoah Pack Series)
Whiskey Dreams (Sleepy Hollow)
New Discoveries (Book 1 of the New Discoveries Series)
Rainbows All Around Us
Pole Star
Luscious Love
First Kiss
33 Simple Gluten-Free Lunch Recipes (Fast, Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes) 
Gluten Free Cupcake Recipes

I was going to get some creating done, but then I remembered Criminal Minds and CSI are on tonight, so going to close up early.        

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

Gotta go put the flag out before I forget!

Native American Tribe Allows Gay Marriage

Endangered Runaway: ADARA MCCORMACK (MO): ADARA MCCORMACK, Age Now: 16, Missing: 09/10/2012. Missing...



Oil check is late. Better come before next Tues. I need to pay more bills with it!

Going to test out my mom's new Shark steam mop now. Had her sweep the floors first.

OK. That wasn't too bad. I'm not totally impressed with it, though. But, I know I am the only one that's going to be using it. I doubt very much she will. It's the same with a lot of the appliances I've bought for her. She rarely if ever uses them ...

Going to go hang magic lights in my mom's closet now.


Done. She has lights in her closet now. One on each end. So, now I can have 2 for my closet and 1 for the shed. I'll do the others another day.

Going to make a smoothie for lunch. I'm out of blueberries, so it will be strawberry or raspberry with the banana ...


ebook snags: 

Gluten Free Pancakes and Waffles

Homemade Comfort Food For Your Dog - Easy Recipes That Take Minutes!

The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook: The Delicious Way to Strengthen Your Immune System and Neutralize Inflammation


Closing up early tonight. Have to bring the flag in then take Nikky out before the new episode of White Collar starts!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Back to work today! Fun! ... not ...
Found out my credit limit was increased on my Walmart credit card. I've never asked for an increase, but I keep getting them! Hmmmm.

Wow. Long day. Just got home. Got 2 stores serviced and did some shopping at the co-op. Love that store. Good food.

OK. I have got to sort my email folders and make some message rules. I haven't seen my email since 9 this morning and there are almost 600 posts to wade through ... oops.

My mom's Shark Steam mop just arrived from UPS. Box sure was banged up, but there was nothing broken luckily. I've put it all together and we'll try it out tomorrow.

I just finished making this artwork for a tube challenge in one of my groups. The quote is from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
I'll make an Incredimail stationery with this as the header tomorrow.

Going to close up early because there is an episode of Perception on later tonight and have a few things to do before then.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9, 2012


Busy day cleaning the doves' cages and room and rearranging furniture to move the big fish tank in there.

Endangered Missing: JAMIE ZUBIA-HERNANDEZ (KS): JAMIE ZUBIA-HERNANDEZ, Age Now: 13, Missing: 06/09/2...

Endangered Missing: RUGGUG DIERY GERMAIN (FL): RUGGUG DIERY GERMAIN, Age Now: 10, Missing: 09/07/201...

Endangered Missing: STEPHANIA GERMAIN (FL): STEPHANIA GERMAIN, Age Now: 12, Missing: 09/07/2012. Mis...

So, I am done with the doves', vacuuming and moving furniture. My mom hasn't even started emptying the fish tank ... ugh.

Have I mentioned recently how much I loathe my mother at times ... I now have a migraine. It was her idea to move the damn fish. I didn't even want the fish. She did. So, I spent a couple thousand bucks on the equipment for them three years ago. Does she clean the tank. No. Does she even feed the fish. No. She's like a damn 2-year-old. I want this. I want that. Move this. Move that. Hang this picture for me. Oh, were we supposed to move the tank today. Let's put it here. I already rearranged the room. I'm not doing it again!

8 am
Yesterday was so annoying. Today ... probably not much better. Have a headache that started yesterday. I wasn't out of my room 5 minutes and my mom already bugged me to find her channel changer, blaming the cat for losing it. It fell under her bed.

Plan is to go visit Betty today. I sure don't want to on my last day of my vacation.

That was actually a nice visit with Betty. Sat out on her covered porch and talked. Her grandson, Jacob, moved back in with her after being away about 5 years living with his druggie mother. Sad. He's almost 19 now and has no skills to grow up. The ten years he lived with Betty before that went out the door. I think he's made the right choice to come back to her and won't follow in his dad's footsteps and end up in prison permanently ... he's trying to get his driver's license now and soon get his HS diploma. He also came with a dog! I'm shocked Betty let him. She's so not a dog person. And, he's a pit bull. Six months old now and wants in everyone's lap! He's huge, but all puppy! Need to send her the info on getting him neutered I told her about.
I've convinced Betty to start shopping at the Davis Food Co-op. She goes to Davis to shop at the Trader Joe's, but she didn't even know about the co-op! It's been there 40 years! They are on opposite sides of Davis.

After lunch, I'm going to clean all the kitchen cupboards and re-arrange a bunch of stuff in them. Now that we no longer buy processed foods, we have very little in them. So, moving some of the dishware and cookware and storage jars around. I told my mom she has to help, too!

Whew! Worn out now. We got about half of the cabinets done and rearranged. Took longer than planned. So will have to do the rest next week. And, we are officially pasta-free. We bagged the last of the pasta (which was all in glass jars) and will be giving it all to Betty. I'll drop it off to her tomorrow. Other than some rice & quinoa and the occasional store-bought (non-wheat) sprouted bread and tortillas, we are pretty much grain-free.

Finally got a picture of Nikky eating her new favorite food - raw chicken feet!

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012

Mornings are starting to feel cooler again. Fall will be here soon.

I feel so tired. I got the fence panels leveled where I could (cement from the wooden posts is in the way in a couple of spots) and tied the panels together for sturdiness until I can get the rest leveled and then soldered together. Will be a while before I get to that stage. I still have to do that in the other yard. Hopefully, I can also get the rest of the panels in the next month so I can finally finish surrounding the yard & get all the gates put up.

I got a load of wash done, too.

Tomorrow, we'll be moving the big fish tank into the doves' room, so that will take most of the morning. Sunday, I'm just going to play online. Next week will be busy, although I am taking Tuesday off for Patriot's Day. Gotta remember to hang my flag since I forgot on Labor Day.

CHP: 2 kids abducted from Monterey Co; statewide Amber Alert issued »
A statewide Amber Alert has been issued for two children abducted from Monterey County, the California Highway Patrol said Friday.

The water went out for an hour or so this morning. Apparently a pipe broke somewhere in the middle of the park, so the main in the back was turned off ... without informing anyone. Quite a few of us were out looking for answers. Luckily, my mom was done washing dishes and my load of laundry was already on the line.

Whew! My mouth is on fire. Dinner was Spicy chicken tortilla pizzas. Sooo messy, but sooo good.
Nikky had raw chicken feet for dinner. First time. She looooooved them!! My Primal pup!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6, 2012

I'm up, but I don't want to be. Too much to do today. Have to eat breakfast, then go to the bank, then to the co-op and then to the farm. Won't get much done outside today. Have a load of laundry started.

Amazing. My mom spent over 2 hours outside this morning doing chores I asked her to do. Cutting back vines, flowers, the huge rosemary and bagging it all up. I made her come in at 9 so I could go do my errands and not worry about her falling or something while I was gone. I've been back about 30 minutes and now she wants me to get the outside broom and dustpan from the shed for her so she can sweep up the mess she made out front! She's really got a lot more energy now that she's eating right and off all those debilitating poisonous Rx!
My farmer gave me a pint of raw creme fraiche today. Going to have some on raspberries later today.

Feel so lazy today. I feel like I should have done something outside. Might clean out a couple of kitchen cupboards later ... or not.

Snagged ebook:
Oscar Wilde

Wow! I just got another new store on my list for monthly service! So good. I need the extra money to pay for all my fencing!

I finally got the Canon printer hooked up to the new computer. No real excuses now not to start working on my online stores again since I can now scan stuff again. Except I'm lazy.

Ooh. My Co-op is having an Intro to Yogurt-making class at their test kitchen later this month. Hope I can save the money to go to it! That is one of the things I want to learn to do.

Time for Attack of the Show with John Barrowman co-hosting again.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012

Woke up late, which I shouldn't be too surprised about since I went to bed so late. Must eat.

Whew! Got the old fence down and the new fence up! Martin helped get the rest of the old fence down and pulled the posts up (still need to dig the cement up later on.) Tomorrow, I'll be strapping the panels together like I did on the other side until I am able to level everything and solder the panels together. Still need to get about 10 more panels, but that is not urgent. Nikky cannot get out of the yard. That's what matters right now. And, I am rid of that rotting wooden fence! Yay!


Oh, I weighed 113 lbs. this morning! I gained 2 pounds back. Just by adding breakfast. Must keep at that. I need to get back up to 119 lbs. and then stay steady.
Now to find some lunch! And start a load of wash since I didn't get to that this morning before taking Nikky to the mailbox (I got a letter from Darla!!) and starting on the fence.

OMG! I just made such a good smoothie! Frozen banana, frozen blueberries, raw milk and pecan butter! MMMMMMMM. Will definitely make this one again.

Well, I didn't get a load of laundry started. I ended up answering Darla's letter. So much I want to say to her. Wish she was online ...

Better get some wash done. Don't like it to stack up. One load a day keeps it down to easy.

Snagged ebook:
Breakfast in a Flash (Fast Food From Home)

Cool! Just found out I have 2 new stores on my service list for work! And, they are local and close to other stores I already service.

Dinner is late ... and, we have a lot of clouds moving in. Hope it rains, but doubt it will.

Oh, that dinner was worth the wait. Pork roast and artichoke.

Attack of the Show will be on at 7. John Barrowman co-hosting again.

Damn politics interrupting my shows again. Criminal Minds is supposed to start now! Windbags!

So not happy with change of TV line-up tonight. So, I watched Dr. Quinn and now watching Big Valley. Classic westerns win over political windbags every time.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

I sure don't feel like working on the fence, but will do it. It has to get done this week. My mom is already outside cleaning up the lavender branches she cut yesterday.

Have a load of laundry started.

I got quite a bit done on the fence! Hopefully, Martin will be able to help tomorrow. If not, oh well. I can do it! See:
Those posts will hopefully be out by the weekend. They are really rotted.

Having this for lunch - garlic cheese and olives on pork rinds! Like little mini-pizzas without any carbs.
Dusted the kitchen ceiling and wiped down the fronts of the cabinets and drawers.
Nikky has a bad habit of stealing my feather duster!

Going to do some of my exercises now. Haven't done them for a few days.

Snagged ebook:
Where I am Now

I cannot believe this ... I forgot to put the flag out yesterday. And, I missed John Barrowman's first day of hosting Attack of the Show on G4. I thought it was supposed to be at 7pm. It was at 4! Hope I can catch the rerun of it. He's supposed to host for 2 more days, I think.

Dinner was so good. Used my Refrigerator Pickled Salad on top of a regular salad. Yum. 

Time to go read outside for a bit.

Oh, yay! I didn't miss Attack of the Show!! John is so funny!

White Collar was really good tonight.
Got caught up playing a HOG game and lost track of time. So tired.

Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

It's Labor Day!
I am surprised that my mom is already outside working in the yard! Shocked. Two days in a row! She's cutting back the lavender bushes, so I can dig them up. They were here when we bought the place and not in the best condition. Going to get new ones after the fence is done.

Only spent about 90 minutes outside today. But, got everything moved away from the wooden fence. Just need to dig up the lavender bush stumps. They are so rotted, so it was time for them to go.

Have a couple of recipes I hope to make today. Taco seasoning and refrigerator cucumber salad. Also, some antibacterial soap!

Made the Refrigerated Pickled Salad recipe, but didn't make the seasoning as I'm out of one of the ingredients I need for it. Now to make soap!

I made this Antibacterial Soap.
It smells and feels so nice on my hands!

Nice, quiet day. I expected the neighbors on both sides to barbecue or be noisy. But, they must have gone elsewhere! I'm going out to read for a bit before it gets dark.

Read 2 chapters of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon. Should finish by the end of the week. Then to the next book in the series.

New episode of Perception on later tonight.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2012

Finally! I got that damn post up and got the lemon tree planted! Took a total of 5 hours yesterday and today to get that darn thing out. So, doesn't look good for all the other posts to be any easier! Talked to Martin and he's going to take the wooden fence panels down for me on Tues. or Wed. next week on the other side of the yard so I can get the new fence up by the end of the week! Yay! The yard will be almost completely fenced. Just will have to finish the front section when I have the time to go to the West Sac. Home Depot or the Woodland one gets more in. Then, I'll be able to concentrate on the weeding and levelling of the yards so I can lay down all the aggregate pavers the next few months.
Spent the rest of the day cleaning the doves' cages and then reading fanfic. Nice and relaxing. Doing yard clean-up and moving things out of the way of the wooden fence tomorrow so it can be taken down.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1, 2012

September already ... time to eat breakfast before we go to the store for groceries.
It is really overcast this morning and only 52F right now. Love it!

Happy to say the Task scheduler works great as a calendar reminder!
Waiting for my mom to be ready to go shopping now ...

Home from shopping. Got a lot of decent meat. Eating some pork stew meat for lunch. Fried in bacon grease with cayenne, cilantro and garlic salt. Yum!

Have a load of laundry going.

Wow. I was outside for about 3 hours ... I'm exhausted. So much for planting the lemon tree today. Where I want to put it is one of the posts from the old fence. I've been trying to unearth the damn thing this whole time. The cement is enmeshed with the damn black weed barrier!!! I've cut through most of that finally. Just have to get under the cement now. So. Tomorrow, hopefully ... Need to ice my hands. Hit them with hammer ... :(

Dinner was yum. Rotisserie chicken. I'm stuffed. Could only eat half of my half. Will have the rest for breakfast.

EBook snag:
Straight Curves

Went outside and read another chapter of  Supernatural: Witch's Canyon Really good story.
Came in to find a new TwitCast from John Barrowman. Those are always fun & Scott is getting more talkative in them! Great guys.

Thrilled that my mom has decided to stop buying commercial toothpaste!!! She said once her Crest is gone, she doesn't want to buy anymore. I have been making my own for nearly a year & will start making it for her soon. Will just have to get past 70 years of brainwashing and convince her it is safe to swallow it and not spit it out!