Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1, 2012

September already ... time to eat breakfast before we go to the store for groceries.
It is really overcast this morning and only 52F right now. Love it!

Happy to say the Task scheduler works great as a calendar reminder!
Waiting for my mom to be ready to go shopping now ...

Home from shopping. Got a lot of decent meat. Eating some pork stew meat for lunch. Fried in bacon grease with cayenne, cilantro and garlic salt. Yum!

Have a load of laundry going.

Wow. I was outside for about 3 hours ... I'm exhausted. So much for planting the lemon tree today. Where I want to put it is one of the posts from the old fence. I've been trying to unearth the damn thing this whole time. The cement is enmeshed with the damn black weed barrier!!! I've cut through most of that finally. Just have to get under the cement now. So. Tomorrow, hopefully ... Need to ice my hands. Hit them with hammer ... :(

Dinner was yum. Rotisserie chicken. I'm stuffed. Could only eat half of my half. Will have the rest for breakfast.

EBook snag:
Straight Curves

Went outside and read another chapter of  Supernatural: Witch's Canyon Really good story.
Came in to find a new TwitCast from John Barrowman. Those are always fun & Scott is getting more talkative in them! Great guys.

Thrilled that my mom has decided to stop buying commercial toothpaste!!! She said once her Crest is gone, she doesn't want to buy anymore. I have been making my own for nearly a year & will start making it for her soon. Will just have to get past 70 years of brainwashing and convince her it is safe to swallow it and not spit it out!

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