Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012

I'm getting a really late start with blogging and socializing today.
I serviced 2 stores today, bought a new scale, & went to the farm for 2 gallons of raw milk. I also dropped off some plastic containers to GoodWill and also the last of our dry pasta to Betty.

These are very good articles. I've been wanting to do this switch for a while and actually have done a few times. Just need to decide on storage ... I have plenty of fabric to make cloths.
Recycled Toilet Paper Not Such a Great Idea After All
Cloth Toilet Paper - How and Why 
Switching to Family Cloth

Wow. I was outside for nearly an hour finishing Supernatural: Witch's Canyon. Going to start reading Supernatural : Bone Key tomorrow. Good I finished reading. I was almost out of daylight! 

18 Handy Uses for Essential Oils

Well, I barely got through my hundreds of emails and social networking feed today. I may have to drop a few on Twitter. That was ridiculous today. Didn't accomplish anything when I got home other than finishing that book. Didn't even get any laundry done! Or my food blogs ...
Now, it's time for GLEE! So, I'm closing for the night.

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