Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

ACTIVE AMBER Alert : Safrina Ugsang – Truth or Consequences, NM « AMBER Alert »
Incident. In cooperation with the Truth or Consequences Department the New Mexico State Police is issuing the following Amber Alert on New Mexico based on the fact that the child may have been abducte...

THE FLOWER BULB OF THE DAY FOR FALL PLANTING – An Exotic Iris. The Iris Bucharica – If you are looking for the...

Annoyed. Went to set up the new store and the fixture hasn't shown up! Called retail support and was informed the information on my work page was wrong. It didn't get shipped until today!!! The store opens next Wed.! So, I'll have to check back on Monday to see if it actually arrived. I'm not going to go another 50 miles out of my way unless the info is correct (it is 25 miles from me.)

Going to make some toilet cloths today. Found some small fabric squares in various blue designs (my bathroom is blue and white, and porcelain and chrome ...) 
Well, interesting. I just got a $5.99 credit from my hosting company for my website being down last week. That's good. I can apply it to my domain name renewal in Dec.

Snagged ebooks:


Made fresh toothpaste. Running low on zeolite, so will have to order some soon.

Going to iron & cut the fabric for the toilet cloths before I go outside to read. Darn. Just noticed one of the fabrics is not 100% cotton. Will be taking that one back. 
Read 3 chapters of Supernatural: Bone Key and also brought in the pitcher of sun tea I made.
Have the cloths all cut out. Just need to pin them together & sew them tomorrow. Not enough light to do more with them tonight. I'm making them 8x8 inches. There will be 2 of each color, for a total of 10 cloths. Next month, I will go to JoAnn's to get some nice flannel fabric to make more. Also need to go through all of the fabric I already have and see if I have any decent flannel first. I want to make at least 25 so I won't run out if I miss a day of laundry.

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