Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15, 2012

I have the first load of wash started. Might do a second load of sheets later.
Need to eat something for breakfast.


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Finished 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the doves' cages & vacuumed their room and the kitchen and my bedroom; changed sheets on my bed; going to make some taco seasoning to stock up and later will make an egg & spinach dish for dinner.
Still need to pin together the toilet cloths to sew later today.

Cleaned out my car of a lot of junk and things that need to be washed. Will vacuum it out tomorrow.
Made taco seasoning from scratch. Made about 1 cup, so that should last us a while.
Have everything set out to make dinner, so better get to it. 
Toilet cloths will be done after dinner.

Wow. This day is nearly gone! Going outside to read now.

Read 2 chapters of Supernatural: Bone Key. Starting to get good.
Snagged these ebooks today:

So ... didn't get any sewing done after all. Two sewing machines in my office in the living room. None in my bedroom office ... need to go through the craft boxes and shelves as I was sure I had a little portable hand-held sewing machine at one time. I could use that at my desk since I am too lazy to go in the other room! Will look in the morning.

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