Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16, 2012

New ebooks for the day:
Adam's Gluten Free Surprise: Helping Others Understand Gluten Free
100 Easy Recipes in Jars
The Paleo Aficionado Breakfast Recipe Cookbook (The Paleo Diet Meal Recipe Cookbooks) 
Folsom on Fire

OK. So, in yet another effort to get myself some incentive to create crafts & graphics and Paleo recipes, I'm going to start yet another YahooGroup and blog - QuinGem's Quirky Quraft & Quisine Quest. Stay tuned! Hopefully, I will get some members who will actually participate with me ... 

I sure hope my oil check is in the mailbox! I have 2 bills due this week and also the workman coming to do service on the furnace on Friday! The maintenance is paid for, but if there's a problem and something needs to be fixed it won't get done. I might have to reschedule that ...

Well, no check ... will have to call Wyoming tomorrow to see why it is late again ...
I should work in the yard this morning. It is nice out. But, I just don't feel like it! So, will hunt for the little hand-held sewing machine.

Just tore up my craft area in the other room in search of the little hand sewer. I must have given it to GoodWill when we moved, unless it is in a storage bin somewhere. I'm thinking not. Oh, well. The craft area is neat now. Also vacuumed in there.

I thought I was finally at the end of transferring all my old email. Then as the Save folder was deleting, I saw all the sub-folders and it was too late to stop. I just purged hundreds of tutorials and other things I wanted to keep ... oh, well. The laptop is now empty, so I can restore it to factory specs next week. Time to start collecting tuts ... think I will ask Brad if he still has some saved.

One load of laundry done. Vacuumed the car and put everything back in its place (didn't do the trunk, though, but that will be another chore.)

Eggshell grit is made for another week. And, have the dishwasher cleaning itself with white vinegar.

Should do the oven, too. But, it's not self-cleaning and don't feel like making a baking soda/salt paste as I won't have time to clean it off in the morning (& I know my mom won't ...) So, may do it next weekend.

I am in some incredible pain right now. Had to actually take a Tylenol. We had beef short ribs for dinner and there was so much gristle, I moved a tooth while trying to chew it. That was not a good cut of meat ... it's hard to use an icepack on your jaw while you are typing! But, it is feeling better.

I haven't used any Tylenol for months & I already have a numb tongue. Still in pain, though ... won't be going outside to read tonight as I doubt I could concentrate on the story.

So, I'd love for you to join my new YahooGroup! It's QuinGem's Quirky Quraft & Quisine Quest! Gotta have all those Qs for Quinnie! Should have something with Gs for Gemini, but I never seem to do that ... hmmm.

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