Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2012

Finally! I got that damn post up and got the lemon tree planted! Took a total of 5 hours yesterday and today to get that darn thing out. So, doesn't look good for all the other posts to be any easier! Talked to Martin and he's going to take the wooden fence panels down for me on Tues. or Wed. next week on the other side of the yard so I can get the new fence up by the end of the week! Yay! The yard will be almost completely fenced. Just will have to finish the front section when I have the time to go to the West Sac. Home Depot or the Woodland one gets more in. Then, I'll be able to concentrate on the weeding and levelling of the yards so I can lay down all the aggregate pavers the next few months.
Spent the rest of the day cleaning the doves' cages and then reading fanfic. Nice and relaxing. Doing yard clean-up and moving things out of the way of the wooden fence tomorrow so it can be taken down.

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