Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23, 2012

Ebook snags:
Electric Pink
Thaw of the Firedancer
Knockin' Boots
The Paleo Aficionado Dessert Recipe Cookbook (The Paleo Diet Meal Recipe Cookbooks)  
Gluten Free Bread Recipes: How To Bake Delicious and Healthy Gluten Free Bread
Gluten Free Recipes & Dairy Free Recipes Vol. 2 (suitable for the paleo diet) 
61 Healthy Smoothies: Easy, Delicious & Nutritious Smoothie Recipes 

Did some weeding for about an hour. Have a load of clothes on the line. Vacuumed living room. Not going to do much else today other than decide on which ebooks to take with me tomorrow for jury duty. Who knows how long I'll have to wait to find out if I'm picked for one ... hope I'm not ...

Huh. So, I go to the courthouse website to double-check the schedule like my paperwork says to do ... good thing I did! My jury duty has been moved to Wednesday!! So, I can get several of my stores serviced & no chance of them being late or another rep needing to do them for me! Yay! I already had my food all ready, too ... will have to eat it tomorrow and find something else to take Wed.

Must make some sun tea. Then, I might get some creating done ... or at least organizing some of my images ...

Just finished making this for a challenge and then made it into Incredimail stationery.
Time to put Nikky to bed and then do some reading.

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