Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012

Woke up late, which I shouldn't be too surprised about since I went to bed so late. Must eat.

Whew! Got the old fence down and the new fence up! Martin helped get the rest of the old fence down and pulled the posts up (still need to dig the cement up later on.) Tomorrow, I'll be strapping the panels together like I did on the other side until I am able to level everything and solder the panels together. Still need to get about 10 more panels, but that is not urgent. Nikky cannot get out of the yard. That's what matters right now. And, I am rid of that rotting wooden fence! Yay!


Oh, I weighed 113 lbs. this morning! I gained 2 pounds back. Just by adding breakfast. Must keep at that. I need to get back up to 119 lbs. and then stay steady.
Now to find some lunch! And start a load of wash since I didn't get to that this morning before taking Nikky to the mailbox (I got a letter from Darla!!) and starting on the fence.

OMG! I just made such a good smoothie! Frozen banana, frozen blueberries, raw milk and pecan butter! MMMMMMMM. Will definitely make this one again.

Well, I didn't get a load of laundry started. I ended up answering Darla's letter. So much I want to say to her. Wish she was online ...

Better get some wash done. Don't like it to stack up. One load a day keeps it down to easy.

Snagged ebook:
Breakfast in a Flash (Fast Food From Home)

Cool! Just found out I have 2 new stores on my service list for work! And, they are local and close to other stores I already service.

Dinner is late ... and, we have a lot of clouds moving in. Hope it rains, but doubt it will.

Oh, that dinner was worth the wait. Pork roast and artichoke.

Attack of the Show will be on at 7. John Barrowman co-hosting again.

Damn politics interrupting my shows again. Criminal Minds is supposed to start now! Windbags!

So not happy with change of TV line-up tonight. So, I watched Dr. Quinn and now watching Big Valley. Classic westerns win over political windbags every time.

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