Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6, 2012

I'm up, but I don't want to be. Too much to do today. Have to eat breakfast, then go to the bank, then to the co-op and then to the farm. Won't get much done outside today. Have a load of laundry started.

Amazing. My mom spent over 2 hours outside this morning doing chores I asked her to do. Cutting back vines, flowers, the huge rosemary and bagging it all up. I made her come in at 9 so I could go do my errands and not worry about her falling or something while I was gone. I've been back about 30 minutes and now she wants me to get the outside broom and dustpan from the shed for her so she can sweep up the mess she made out front! She's really got a lot more energy now that she's eating right and off all those debilitating poisonous Rx!
My farmer gave me a pint of raw creme fraiche today. Going to have some on raspberries later today.

Feel so lazy today. I feel like I should have done something outside. Might clean out a couple of kitchen cupboards later ... or not.

Snagged ebook:
Oscar Wilde

Wow! I just got another new store on my list for monthly service! So good. I need the extra money to pay for all my fencing!

I finally got the Canon printer hooked up to the new computer. No real excuses now not to start working on my online stores again since I can now scan stuff again. Except I'm lazy.

Ooh. My Co-op is having an Intro to Yogurt-making class at their test kitchen later this month. Hope I can save the money to go to it! That is one of the things I want to learn to do.

Time for Attack of the Show with John Barrowman co-hosting again.  

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