Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9, 2012


Busy day cleaning the doves' cages and room and rearranging furniture to move the big fish tank in there.

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So, I am done with the doves', vacuuming and moving furniture. My mom hasn't even started emptying the fish tank ... ugh.

Have I mentioned recently how much I loathe my mother at times ... I now have a migraine. It was her idea to move the damn fish. I didn't even want the fish. She did. So, I spent a couple thousand bucks on the equipment for them three years ago. Does she clean the tank. No. Does she even feed the fish. No. She's like a damn 2-year-old. I want this. I want that. Move this. Move that. Hang this picture for me. Oh, were we supposed to move the tank today. Let's put it here. I already rearranged the room. I'm not doing it again!

8 am
Yesterday was so annoying. Today ... probably not much better. Have a headache that started yesterday. I wasn't out of my room 5 minutes and my mom already bugged me to find her channel changer, blaming the cat for losing it. It fell under her bed.

Plan is to go visit Betty today. I sure don't want to on my last day of my vacation.

That was actually a nice visit with Betty. Sat out on her covered porch and talked. Her grandson, Jacob, moved back in with her after being away about 5 years living with his druggie mother. Sad. He's almost 19 now and has no skills to grow up. The ten years he lived with Betty before that went out the door. I think he's made the right choice to come back to her and won't follow in his dad's footsteps and end up in prison permanently ... he's trying to get his driver's license now and soon get his HS diploma. He also came with a dog! I'm shocked Betty let him. She's so not a dog person. And, he's a pit bull. Six months old now and wants in everyone's lap! He's huge, but all puppy! Need to send her the info on getting him neutered I told her about.
I've convinced Betty to start shopping at the Davis Food Co-op. She goes to Davis to shop at the Trader Joe's, but she didn't even know about the co-op! It's been there 40 years! They are on opposite sides of Davis.

After lunch, I'm going to clean all the kitchen cupboards and re-arrange a bunch of stuff in them. Now that we no longer buy processed foods, we have very little in them. So, moving some of the dishware and cookware and storage jars around. I told my mom she has to help, too!

Whew! Worn out now. We got about half of the cabinets done and rearranged. Took longer than planned. So will have to do the rest next week. And, we are officially pasta-free. We bagged the last of the pasta (which was all in glass jars) and will be giving it all to Betty. I'll drop it off to her tomorrow. Other than some rice & quinoa and the occasional store-bought (non-wheat) sprouted bread and tortillas, we are pretty much grain-free.

Finally got a picture of Nikky eating her new favorite food - raw chicken feet!

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