Friday, September 21, 2012

Septembert 21, 2012

Woke up early ...

This was a good interview. I want this book! John & Carole Barrowman talk about 'Torchwood: Exodus Code'

ebook snags:
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Waiting for the furnace maintenance guy. Will most likely be an all-day thing. 
Already have 3rd load of laundry going. Using the dryer today as I pulled in the clothesline to be out of the way of getting to the furnace closet (which is in the back of the house.)

Furnace guy is here and already found a problem ... I am overheated, even with all the windows open as he has the heater on ... ugh. Hope it doesn't cost much extra to tighten a pipe. The AC pipe above the furnace was loose and leaking water onto the furnace controls ... so the box is rusted ...

Well, as expected, the furnace needs to be replaced. The old blower motor kept cutting out. It is the original 1975 furnace. Probably why it only heated half the trailer! So, now waiting for someone else to come from Bonney to give an estimate on replacing it with an electric unit. I don't want gas again, if it is feasible. Depending on if we qualify for one of their programs, I may have to wait until next year to replace it. We'll just use space heaters again. I don't mind, really!

It's been a long day. And, I will soon be almost $4000 poorer. Appt. to replace the furnace is Oct. 1. Luckily, I have enough credit to cover it. Will have to have another gas furnace as something in the local ordinances won't allow gas to be replaced by electric ... sucks.

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