Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 17, 2012

We're still having some lovely rain here in sunny CA. More expected tomorrow and later in the week. Love it!
My mom insisted on getting another microwave today. Ugh. I'm not happy about that. But, I did find 2 really nice glass water dispensers to replace the plastic ones! I am happy about that! One will be for water and the other for tea! They hold over 1 gallon each. I hope to get a couple more before next spring, so we can have 2 in the fridge and 2 on the counter. I also put the bookcase together (the one that hurt me last week moving it up the steps!) and moved it into my mom's room. She's happy. Now she can move all the cookbooks out of the cupboards and store more food!
Anyway, I just listed five cat magazines on Listia.
Cat Fancy Magazine October 1999
Cats & Kittens Magazine January 1999
 Cats & Kittens Magazine July 1999
Cats & Kittens Magazine September 1999
Cats & Kittens Magazine May 2000
Tomorrow, there will be an update of my Bonanza shop to remove several items that are no longer available. I will then be adding a few pieces of ladies' clothing from my aunt's estate.

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