Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24, 2012

Well, I got shelves for the doves' cages and I didn't even have to put more holes in the walls. I ended up getting some decent metal shelves that are adjustable that are pretty sturdy that worked. Next will be changing the crappy curtain rod and getting new curtains for that glass door. I have a new rod, but still trying to find the curtains I want ... might have to make them.
I just discovered that I'm at my 1GB limit for adding photos to my blog with Picasa! I deleted a few older pics, but I'm going to have to find another free storage site to link my future pics to! Sucks! Guess I will use my old PhotoBucket account for a while.
I have added a pair of Kirk Douglas novels to my Bonanza shop.
Tomorrow, I'll be adding another year of Ceramics magazines to my Listia shop.

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