Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4, 2012

It's been quite a day. I really had no intention of going anywhere today. But, my mom wanted to buy more succulents for the garden and get a bookshelf for her room. So, we get home and as the bookshelf is in a box to be put together later ... I drag it out of the car and start to drag it up the carport stairs. It's VERY heavy ... I'm TWO steps from the top and the cardboard tears! I land on my butt on the top landing and the box slides alllllll the way back down. I now have a bruised right isheum (bottom point of the pelvis.) I've been sitting on an ice pack much of the day ... other than pulling everything out of the box & hauling it all inside, finishing the jerky I started yesterday, fixing my mom's shower, taking Nikky in and out several times, etc. I never get a break. So, anyway ... I finally got a chance to list today's sales item in my Bonanza shop!!
Today's find is a vintage collectible. A 1993 Coca Cola Plush Polar Bear. This little bear was my late aunt's, so was never played with. It still has the original tag and bottle attached. So cute.
Tomorrow, I'll have a brand new Budweiser SubZero 6-can cooler added to Listia!

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