Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

Well, another year is gone into history.
I have a lot of plans for this year, but who knows if I will get to all of them. I'm off to a good start today. I listed more stamps on Listia and added a puzzle craft kit to Bonanza this morning. And, I am doing this blog! I hope to do it daily again (I'm sure you'll be bored to tears!) I'll also be adding to my other blogs and start up a few more on different subjects. But, not all today.
I have a load of laundry to put away after I finish eating this grape-nut salad.
I also have plans to move all of my shipping supplies to the wall cabinets by my office in the living room. I want to make more room in my closet for some other things.
Sadly, this is the last day of my vacation. Didn't really get much accomplished on my two weeks off. Back to work tomorrow morning for a few hours.

I got my schedule set up for the next couple of weeks and all my paperwork printed out for the many upcoming projects. Have to put in a new ink cartridge on my printer!

I finally filled up all the capsules with eggshell calcium. 100 capsules with about 800-1000 mg of calcium and other trace minerals. I'll put something up on QuinGem's Quisine in a few days about how to do it.

Time to move all of the boxes and envelopes out of my closet and into the cabinets now. Want to be done with that by 3.

That's done! Next, take Nikky out and clean the old puppy playpen that the doves had been in last year. I keep putting it off! But, I have a new spray nozzle for the hose, so no excuse not to get it done. By the time I get home tomorrow, it should be totally dry and I can put it in the shed.

My mom didn't want to make dinner, so I did. Baked halibut with mashed sweet potatoes.

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: The Unholy Cause. I'll finish that book one of these days. It is good, but I kind of set it aside for a while for online fanfic. Trying to finish it now, though.

I bought a TracFone the other day, believe it or not! I didn't buy any minutes, yet. Still have to charge it, activate it and figure out how the darn thing works. I'll most likely just keep it in the car's glove box for emergencies and in case I need to call Viola or Rhode Island for work. And, maybe to take pictures if it takes decent ones. Not sure yet.

Listening to an old CBS Mystery Theater radio show - I Warn You Three Times. I love these old things!

Watching the newest episode of The Gadget Man from the UK. Love Stephen Fry! I'm not really into modern gadgets, but love to listen to him. He's so smart.

The day is winding down. Washed my hair. Time to do a couple of Sudoku puzzles before bed.

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