Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12, 2013

Made yummy oatmeal with fresh raspberries and brown sugar for breakfast. I don't have breakfast often. Usually not hungry enough. But, wanted some. Soaking overnight really makes it good.
Going to the post office when I am done. Then will clean the doves' cages when I get back.

Making more beads. I'll be listing 100 of them later today on Listia.

These are so pretty.

THE “SEED” OF THE DAY – Dahlias – Throughout...
I have a load of laundry running. Haven't done any for a few days. So need to catch up.

OMG! I had such a good lunch. Bacon, apple, pecans fried together with butter and cheese. Yum.

It's time for some tea!
And, I have finally finished coating the first 100 beads and will be adding them to my Listia shop.

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