Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 19-20, 2013

January 19, 2013
Another pretty day. It is 60F. We just got home from shopping. Got all my packages mailed. Spent way too much at Home Depot - over $300, most of it for my mom's wants. But, I got myself a heavy-duty surge protector for all the electronics in my bedroom.

Going to put up a curtain rod for my mom's bathroom and measure for the new medicine cabinet and maybe get that put up, too.

Well, the curtain is up in my mom's bathroom. Looks good. Couldn't do the medicine cabinet as I need to get some brackets for it that will hold the weight as it is being mounted on the wall, not inserted into the wall. So, that is a project for another time. Tomorrow, I will get the new rods up for the kitchen window.

Have a load of wash running.

THE “SEED” OF THE DAY – The Dinnerplate Dahlia, Thomas Edison –...
January 20, 2013
Well, I got to reading a fanfic yesterday and didn't get back to my blogs or anything before bed!

I got the curtains & new rods up in the kitchen. I don't like them, but it's what my mom wanted ... too frilly for my tastes. But, they were Jeanne's ...

Got a load of laundry done. Took the old curtain rod out to the shed. Brought in some more perches for the doves' cages and cleaned their cages.

Have more packages to close up for mailing next week. Trying to get a lot mailed before the postage rates go up (AGAIN!!!!) next weekend.

Need to make some labels for a couple of jars of food.

Made a yummy lunch of Honey Fried Plantains. I've only had plantain once and made the mistake of eating it raw like a regular banana. This time, I fried them with honey and cinnamon and, OMG!! So. Good!


It's 63F today. So nice out. But, I don't feel like working in the yard ... my thumb is almost healed, though. Maybe tomorrow.

Decided how I am going to set up the set of round LED lights under the kitchen cabinets. I think they will look pretty good and at least we'll have some light in there until I get the ceiling lights replaced in a couple of months. The fluorescent lights rarely come on any more, so it is too dark in there. Heck, I might just get them next week ... Tired of a dark kitchen.

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: The Unholy Cause.

Listening to Superman - Dead Man's Secret part 1.
Just watched part 4 of Batman and Robin!

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