Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013

I was not in the mood to blog yesterday. Came home after servicing 2 stores and started reading fanfic and didn't stop!

THE “SEED” OF THE DAY – The Dinnerplate Dahlia, Kelvin Floodlight –...

THE “SEED” OF THE DAY – The Dinnerplate Dahlia, Sir Alfred Ramsey –...
Got my exercises done and read the last chapter in Supernatural: The Unholy Cause. Will start reading 
Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon tomorrow.

Listening to Superman - Dead Man's Secret part 4.
Just watched part 7 of Batman and Robin!

This is amazing. Gives me some incentive to get my terrariums started this weekend! 
Thriving since 1960, my garden in a bottle: Seedling sealed in its own ecosystem and watered just once in 53 years
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