Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013


A “SEED” OF THE DAY POTATO SEED/SEED POTATO STORY – Part of this post is a re-posting of a piece originally...
I love a quick work day! And, I love when the store employees do my job ... sometimes. One of my store chains (in which I service four of their stores) is getting all new displays and glasses. So nice after servicing the same old crap for ten years! Got rid of all the old displays and all the old glasses. Wish the other chains would do that!

Have a load of wash going. Will be putting switches on the 2 new lights by the stove after lunch. Then, need to check the oil and other fluids in my car.

Well, the laundry is done; fluids in the car are at correct levels; weeds are cut down in the yard. Now to adding the switches to the lights.

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