Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013

Very cold again this morning. Supposed to start raining this afternoon through tomorrow.

Going to the hardware store in a bit to try to find a replacement handle for the folding door between the kitchen and living room. It won't lock any more and Ezra keeps getting in there unsupervised. He's strong and can move the door.

Then going to Trader Joe's for a few groceries.

Came up with names for a couple of the blogs I want to set up:
QuinGem's Queer Quill and QuinGem's Quarry Quandaries. I love finding 'Q' names that will fit the subjects. I'm also going to set up the Incredimail Café (I used to have a YahooGroup with that name) as a Page accessible from my QuinGem's Creations site, to house my Incredimail stationery. The files will be accessible with a Dropbox link.

Well, that was a bust. Our folding door is so old, they don't make the handle/lock like that anymore. So, my mom and I decided that we really didn't like that door there, so I'm taking it down! Ezra will be happy. He'll be knocking lots of things down at night in there since he'll have free reign ... oh, well.

Stocked up on meat at the store. Ended up going to Food4Less; spent about $100 as I didn't want to get a whole lot there. Not happy about that. I have no idea where their meat comes from!!!! But, my mom didn't want to go to Davis today ... why? Who knows?

Must finish taking the folding door down and then eat. After lunch I will be making homemade chicharones (pork rinds). Need to get them cut, boiled and in the dehydrator this afternoon. Will fry them tomorrow.

Got the door down (that sucker was HEAVY) and dragged it out to the carport. Hopefully, the neighbor will be going to the dump in the not-too-distant future.
Won't be able to finish weeding the driveway or sweep out the car port this weekend since it is about to rain. Will have to do it Monday after work.
Going to start a load of laundry and have some baked chicken for lunch.

I sure don't plan on making chicharones again for quite some time ... or until I get around to sharpening all my knives! That was a messy pain in the ass to cut that pork skin! They're in the dehydrator now. Will fry them tomorrow.

Had a big lunch (half a chicken) so not that hungry tonight. So, just munching my dinner. Cheese, chocolate, pine nuts and dates.

Whooo. It's pouring now!

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: The Unholy Cause.

Listening to The Adventures of Superman: Batman's Great Mystery from 1948. I think I am missing part 1. :( 

Trying to make a wallpaper for a challenge in my Stargate group. Not going well. Jack is not co-operating tonight. Will finish it tomorrow.

Just watched part 5 of Adventures of Captain Marvel!

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