Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013

Well, yesterday, I really wasn't in the mood to blog. It was a nice day. So was today. Got some stores done. Pulled weeds in the yard. Bought some nice cardstock for papercrafting. Found out how ridiculously expensive an engine diagnostic is to find out the code for my check engine light. Hunted for local maps (you know, real paper maps of my area ...) and no one has any! Apparently, the company that makes them is going out of business. I did find a Sacramento map, but I still need a Yolo/Solano county map. I ordered the oxygen sensor for my car on eBay. It should be here in a few days. If that part doesn't fix the check engine light problem (after resetting it) then the car will be parked at the end of the month. Hence, the hunt for local maps. I need them to set my bus route schedule for my stores. I also surfed eBay for electric bikes. Thank goodness for PayPal/BillMeLater! I will be able to get one if I need to.

Boy, that paragraph above was sure all over the place! ;)

Oh, and today I went to Barnes & Noble (in that search for maps ...) and found 2 books I've been wanting! So, I renewed my membership (I meant to in Dec. before it expired!). I bought Chris Colfer's Struck by Lightning book and John & Carole Barrowman's Hollow Earth. They didn't have Chris' Land of Stories or John's Bone Quill or Torchwood Exodus Code. I want all those, too! I may have to order them from the website. I want the audiobook versions, too!

Well, that sucks! If I had bought those 2 books on the B&N website, I would've saved over $10! Damn. Plus, I had a coupon and didn't have it with me ... ugh.

Listened to part 8 of Superman - Knights of the White Carnation.

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon.

Watched episode 3 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries. This is another show I really like a lot. There just aren't any good new shows on US TV that catch my attention like this one and Ripper Street. I tried to watch Touch last night. It was not good. The premise intrigued me, but the show is just all over the place. I will watch episode 2, but if it isn't better I won't watch it again.

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