Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 16, 2013


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It's another pretty day. Walked with my mom and Nikky to the mailbox. Nikky was fussy today. There is a new dog on the route that must be saying something to her that's not that nice.
Got a couple of nice postcards in the mail from a couple of swaps. I will be sad in August when Saturday mail ends.

Just finished cleaning the doves' cages and putting wheels on their shelf unit. Also vacuumed their room. So much easier to move the shelf with the wheels! Now, I can easily get the feathers and seeds vacuumed out of the corner.

Washing a load of sheets that were my aunt's. They were in one of the bins Curtis brought over last week. Can always use sheets and pillowcases!

Next, I will be going through a bin full of hardback books and listing them at several sites (Listia, PaperbackSwap and maybe Bonanza.) Must research them to see where would be best. My aunt had a lot of books ...

I'm giving away: Jumbo Rubber Bands - 5. Check it out -

I'm giving away: 11 various used USA stamps. Check it out -  

I'm giving away: 12 various used non-USA stamps. Check it out -  

I'm giving away: 10 Tea Bag Covers - for crafts - USED. Check it out -  

Nikky and I spent a bit over an hour pulling weeds. It is so nice outside! I almost have the area beside the shed cleared enough to dig out the weed barrier cloth and one of the cement postholes from the old fence. Hope to get it cleared and leveled next week. Then, I can get the patio stones laid there. It's about a 6 foot square area, I think.
Well, one of the books I listed on PaperbackSwap already got snagged. Will be mailing it out on Tuesday. Need to list some more. I got sidetracked with the oven cleaning (which is not yet done ...) and didn't get much listed.

Listened to part 11 of Superman - Knights of the White Carnation.

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon.

I tried to watch another episode of Touch. Couldn't get past the first five minutes. I just don't like it. So, I watched the Breakfast episode of a 3-part British documentary called Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. It was really interesting! The history of breakfast! Tomorrow, I'll watch the Lunch episode.

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