Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Whew. I'm already worn out this morning! Rode my bike to the store. Need to get used to it. Was a bit chilly. My ears got cold! Only problem ... I forgot my store points card, so missed out on points for my purchases! Grrr.

Now, to start listing all those Ceramics magazines!

I think I finally got all those magazines up! I thought I had more. Will have to search through the piles after lunch.

Damn. Found the rest of them. Three more years' worth ... lots of scanning to do now before I can list the rest ...

Still scanning ... will finish later. Going out to pull weeds. And, YahooGroups Calendar is messing up again ... won't let me add an event and I'm the owner of the group I'm making an entry for!!! Grrr.

That breeze is chilly. It's only 57F out, but feels a bit cooler, I think. Only weeded for about 30 minutes.
Back to scanning ...

Finally finished scanning all of the Ceramics magazines. Will start listing them tomorrow. Too tired right now.
Making some Lavender Lemonade.

Listened to part 13 of Superman - Knights of the White Carnation. One part left!

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon.

It's raining! :)

I watched the Dinner episode of a 3-part British documentary called Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

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