Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013

Late to my blog today. Got 2 stores serviced here in town. Paid my mobile home registration for the year. It's weird to me that I have to register my house like my car because it is considered moveable, even though it has been in the same spot since 1977!

Starting to move the bins out of my closet. They all have old photos and other vintage stuff. They were hard to get to in there, so I was ignoring them. I am moving them to the living room (which is now turning into a sort of storage room ...) I'm rearranging my bedroom to move most of my office in here, since I'm in here all the time now. The living room is just far too cold in winter and too hot in summer, so it's not really comfortable in there much of the year. So, it's now storage and plants.

I'll be ripping the carpet up from the closet floor before I move anything else in there. This year, I'll be removing all of my bedroom carpet and putting down a wood floor. I hate wall-to-wall carpet.

A near-tragedy has been averted ... I think. Our sweet potato that has been growing like crazy in water has outgrown the large fish bowl it was in. The vines were so long it fell over. Now it is in a 20-gallon fish tank that needs more dirt. Will add more dirt to cover the potato tomorrow. At least the massive root system is in dirt. I never thought it would get so big! The roots filled up the fish bowl completely, so it was about time to move it all. We'll tie up the vines tomorrow, so Ezra won't play with them.

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon.

I've been listening to a lot of swing music again today. I also listened to some Irish music.

Can't find my big box cutter, so won't be able to cut the carpet out of the closet tonight ... oh, well ... will do tomorrow, then.

OK. I knew the carpeting was crappy ... I was able to pull half the carpet up in the closet as it was just pieced in there! and stapled down with tiny staples. No wonder we are always getting poked in the feet in the den/doves' room. I think that room will get done after my bedroom. Oh, and there is no padding under the closet carpet ...

Listened to part 2 of Superman - The Man Without A Face. And, watched episode 2 of the old series Best of the West.

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