Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23, 2013

Woke up early today and couldn't go back to sleep. Just wasn't tired enough. But, my room was nice and dark all night with the new curtains, so that was good.

I got 40 paper beads coated in glaze. I now have a new set of 100 to list tomorrow.

Have so much I want to do today! Doubt I'll get to it all ...

Got the shopping out of the way. As always, spent more than planned ...

Got some nice mail today. Swaps and a late birthday card.

Listened to Ain't It Grand Boys by  The Clancy Brothers.

Doves' cages are clean and their room is vacuumed. I moved my craft table into my bedroom and started moving some of the book crates out to the living room. Going a bit slow today.

Cleaned Nikky's yard. Laid the carpet from the closet out over some weeds. Took some stuff out to the shed. Pulled the burned-out light bulb from the left turn signal on the car. Will get a new one on Monday. Printed out the instructions to change out the oxygen sensor on the car. Now, I don't feel like working on it ...

I'll just keep rearranging my room. Going to move the rest of the milk crate book shelves out of here. I'm determined to get the TV where I want it today.

Listened Little Bit of Irish by Bing Crosby.

Listening to Tunes N Tales by The Clancy Brothers.

Got the TV situated and moved my rolling plastic storage drawers into the bedroom. And, I still may be able to fit the sewing machine in here. But, that will be for another day.  I am worn out!

Nikky has gotten stressed from all this furniture moving and not being able to get to her room until bedtime (she likes laying in it during the day whenever she wants) so she has licked a sore on her leg ... ugh. I hate dealing with lick granulomas. Well, the moving is done in the bedroom, so she should calm down. Will make a little poultice of coconut oil & some herbs tomorrow.

Listened to Live by The Clancy Brothers and Irish Drinking Songs by The Clancy Brothers. Also.  The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem: Reunion Concert at the Ulster Hall Belfast. I love Irish music.

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural : War of the Sons.

Listened to part 4 of Superman - The Man Without A Face. And, watched episode 4 of the old series Best of the West.

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