Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3, 2013

Today is my Papa's birthday. He was born 120 years ago today in Málaga, Spain. He's been gone 43 years, but I still miss him.
This picture was taken on Easter, 1965. He was 72 and I was 2 (I was born exactly 70 years and 7 days after him.) I still have that plant hanger that is in the background. It's hanging in my kitchen. I wish I still had that radio, but my dad sold it about ten years ago.

Walked to the mailbox with Nikky and my mom again. She did well. Now she has a week to rest up before next weekend's walks. She has a bad knee that she is trying to build up so she can start riding the exercycle again.

I've started coating another set of paper beads. I have 2 sets of amber dropper bottles soaking before they get boiled. And, I am about to make a new batch of bentonite toothpaste.

My mom is soooooooooooooo annoying. Now, instead of putting up her new bathroom cabinet on the short wall beside the sink, she wants me to remove the HUGE (4 x 6 foot) wall mirror above the sink to put the cabinet on that wall ... not doing it today.

Leftover beef heart cubed and fried in butter for lunch! Yummy.

I actually got my mom to do some yard work today! She cut the dead patio roses in pieces and put in the garbage. Of the 5 we bought last year, only one survived ... ;(

I'm giving away: Handmade Paper Beads - 100. Check it out -

Got my exercises done and read a chapter in Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon.
Listening to Superman - Dead Man's Secret part 9.

Watching episode 1 of the British series, Ripper Street.

Wow. That was a damn good show! Wish the US made good shows these days. Seems all the US makes is reality shows any more ... with a very few exceptions.

OMG! Love this. Just snagged it from G+.

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