Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

OMG! I am tired and have a headache. But, I did it! I rode my bike around this side of town. I think I covered about 10 miles. I made plenty of stops to rest. I left at 9 and got home around 1. Paid several bills, went to the post office, got a few groceries, went to the bus terminal and got some info. I am happy with my results, even though I know I will be very sore over the weekend.

WalMart has shipped my ebike this morning. So, hopefully, it will arrive on Monday. My mom wants me to find out if 3-wheel bikes can be fitted with a battery kit. She's always wanted a 3-wheel bike, but now with her bad knee, she wouldn't be able to pedal too long. So, I will be looking into it.

Got some swaps in the mail. Afraid to open the one from Germany - it was crushed in transit ... Ah, luckily, nothing inside was damaged! Ooh, banana chips. Yum. Just banana, coconut oil and honey! Eating some now. Also, got some unusual teas in another swap. Can't wait to try them.

My mom will be 73 tomorrow. I was going to take her to Pig Day at the Davis Farmers' Market tomorrow (we went last year.) But, her knee is acting up, so she doesn't want to go. But, we'll go do some grocery shopping at the BelAir down the road, instead. Going to drive the car (just hope no cops see my expired license plate sticker ...)

Damn headache I woke up with is morphing into a migraine, I think ...
It's nice outside. Went out and read a chapter in Supernatural : War of the Sons. Nikky played with Chewy and Styx for a few minutes. They live 2 doors down, but always wander our part of the street when their human Kelly is outside.

Listened to part 10 of Superman - The Man Without A Face. 
I watched episode 10 of the old series Best of the West.

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