Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013

Yesterday was a really nice day. I spent quite a bit of it outside. In the morning, I rode into town on the ebike, I just used the TAG, so no pedaling! Went to 3 banks (2 to get cash & one to pay a bill with it!), 2 stores and the bus terminal to get a cash pass for rides for the rest of the month (when I can't bike or take my car.) It was cloudy until just before noon. The rest of the day was sunny. After lunch, my mom and I worked in the garden. She replanted a bunch of lilies and irises along the side of the deck and mapped out where we need stepping stones on that side. I cut down more weeds ... that's never-ending. I didn't even get half of it done. Hope to finish that today and will lay out the cardboard that was the big box my ebike came in to hopefully kill off some of the weeds. Or, at least slow their growth until I can dig the roots up ...

My farmer emailed me last night. He must have known we were thinking of checking with him when raw milk would be available again. They just had a new calf born! He remembered I bought their colostrum before, so he thought he'd let me know that they'll have some this week! I asked him to freeze a gallon for me as I can't get out there until next Thurs. or Fri. I can't wait to get raw milk again! Plus, we are low on eggs. So, will be a good trip!

I got up very late today. Nearly 8:30! I'm still not really awake!
I need to get in gear. Going to walk Nikky to the mailbox to mail some swaps. And, my mom is already bugging me to work in the yard ... I really don't want to right now. I want to get more stuff listed online ...

Listening to The Ultimate Collection: The Spirit of the Irish.

Ugh. Tired. Got the big patch of weeds cut and covered with the cardboard. Walked Nikky to the mailbox before I did that. She was happy and also happy to be outside while I chopped the weeds down. She's worn out, too! Sleeping right now! Wish I was ...
My mom got the old tomato plants dug up, but couldn't do any more today. She did too much yesterday, I guess ...
My mom is making sausage and eggs for lunch for us. Mmmm.

After lunch, I'll clean the doves' room. After that, I hope I can list a few things ...

Pretty day, today.

Listening to Glee: The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers.
Chris Colfer really needs to do an album of his own!

I've been reading the Facebook posts about the young man who works at my co-op in Davis. He was the victim of a hate crime last weekend. In Davis, of all places! Some of the posts from his cousin made me cry. I've seen him many times when I shop there. A sweet guy. Thankfully, his attacker was arrested. He was attacked by his neighbor after his birthday party because he is gay ... so sad ... Check out Mikey's Justice Fund.

Got the doves done. Little Boy wanted to come out and fly around, but I wouldn't let him as Nicky and Ezra were in the room. He landed in my lap! I really need to let them all out for some exercise tomorrow.

Got a bunch of swaps packaged and working on a postcard for a swap.

Listened to Glee: The Music, Volume 4, Glee: The Music, Volume 5

Just finished a postcard. It's finally dry. Check it out on my craft blog.

Listened to Glee: The Music, Volume 6.

I just won this for free, PERSONAL FAN I got this to help dry my crafts more quickly! I've been wanting one for a while, but waiting for the glue to dry on the postcard I just made convinced me to find one. And, the only one available on Listia had a Get It Now button, so I used it!

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