Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 17, 2013

Walked Nikky to the mailbox and then got the rest of the weeds cut down and covered.
Going out after lunch to finally put that new part on the car. If I can find the right wrench to do it.
My mom is in a mood today ... fun - not ... mostly because I wouldn't change my plans to finish what I started yesterday with the weeds. She wanted me to help plant the cactus and succulants we bought last year and pull the weeds around the gas meters ... I said no, we'll do that next weekend. She's pouting.

Listening to Watch by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. This album has The Mighty Quinn. I used to sing this to Quinnie.

Discovered I don't have the right wrenches to change the part ... sucks.
So, I decided to see if the cart fits the ebike and it does!! Just took Nikky for a quick test drive. Her seatbelt works great in it. This will be so great to take her to the man-made pond for a walk on the trail there! Will also help to go to Yolo for the milk and eggs next week!!
I just won this for free, Crossword Puzzle Book - NEW

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