Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24, 2013

This day started so well ... and is steadily going downhill ...
Did I mention that I hate the North Wind yesterday? Yeah. Well, it tore the door off my water heater closet at the back of the trailer. So, guess what I'm doing this afternoon? Fixing it and putting it back on. Have to remove all the old screws from the frame, drill new holes in the door and the frame and try to lift that heavy damn thing back up to the wall and remount it while standing on a ladder ... yeah, easy ... not. (I live in a mobile home, so it is 3 feet off the ground; 6-foot tall door ... yeah ... and the wind is coming back up after a short lull ...)

So, I did it. By myself! Despite my mom trying to distract me! And, I think the door is set in the hinge/frame flange thingie better than it was. My new holes are further into the wood than the previous holes (they were way too close to the edge,) so less likely to just pull away. Plus, I fixed the sliding locks that never seemed to stay closed before. Probably the reason the wind was able to pull the door off was that those locks rattled open.

Wow! I just won this for free, Brand New Cute Bicycle Socks!! NWT

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