Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3, 2013

Another nice day, although some might say it is a bit gloomy. But, I love cloudy days (and hope of rain!) that have a nice temp. to be out in.
Just got back from the grocery store with my mom. Spent too much, as usual. Didn't go to the co-op, but I'll stop there tomorrow since I will be servicing stores in Davis. Will be taking the bus. We shopped at the local BelAir around the corner. It was the last trip for the car. I'm going to go out and rearrange all my store supplies in the trunk for easy access, so I can just grab a few things each morning that I work. Then, I'll arrange my new backpack and the bag I normally use to carry everything I'll need. I got part of it done the other day, but still a few things to do. And, then, I'll map my route for the quickest transfers.

I still need to clean the doves' cages since I couldn't yesterday with that migraine I had ...

Oh, bought my mom a cake pop as a splurge for her birthday since we didn't go to Pig Day yesterday. We haven't had anything like that in months! I know it has wheat and other crap in it, but it was a 'treat' and small.

I just won this for free, NIP 5" Star Plastic Canvas

Listened to part 12 of Superman - The Man Without A Face.
I watched episode 12 of the old series Best of the West.

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