Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Teabag covers! I have them all over. But, I am missing two ziplock bags full of them that I had on auction. A set has been won. I can't find them! Going crazy looking for them ... they seem to have gotten misplaced when I rearranged the furniture the other day ... gah!

Happy to say that I found the teabag covers! In the closet ... I have no idea why ... But, at least I can get them mailed this morning!

Whew! What a looooooong day! My back is killing me from carrying the backpack, but I'll get used to it. I got home at 3:30, which is a couple of hours sooner than I expected. I made good time and didn't miss any transfers. I got the 2 stores serviced as planned, paid 2 bills, and stopped at both Trader Joe's & the Co-op!

Aaaaand! My new ebike was waiting for me when I got home!!! I spent the past hour putting it together. It was really easy. And, I made room in the shed for it. It has it's own garage!! I am charging the battery overnight, so it will be ready for a test drive in the morning and then off to work with it. I am servicing 3 stores here in town, so if there is a problem as I learn to use it, I am close to home. It sure is a very heavy bike and very sturdy. I already like it. It is the right size for me (my other bike is too short and it is uncomfortable for long distance.) And, it's a pretty blue! I will take pictures of it tomorrow. And, I'm happy to say, it has key locks for the battery, so it is not easily stolen. That was one of my main worries of whether I was going to have to carry that heavy-ass battery with me whenever I parked the bike at a store!!!

Time for FOOD! I'm starving! Even though I brought food with me, I burned a lot of it with all the walking I did.

Grrrr. Reading all the info on the bike and I discovered that in CA. I DO have to wear a damn helmet, even though I'm over 16, since the bike is 'motorized.' I just ordered one from WalMart and will pick it up in the morning before I start servicing my stores. I found one the same color as my bike! Hopefully, no cops will see me on the way ...

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