Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

4 pm
I love my bike!! I highly recommend ebikes. So cool!
I got 3 stores serviced, , went to the bank, paid 2 bills, picked up my new bike helmet (which I hate!!!!!) & bought a few more bike accessories, then picked up a couple things at the grocery store (not in that order.) I left at 9 and got home at 2:30! So, the bike is perfect to do my work here in Woodland right now. Once I get a second battery, I'll be able to do Davis and West Sacramento. Until then, I'm on the bus. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll get Dixon done. I'll probably have to take a bus to Davis (I'll have to wait for one with an empty bike rack) and ride my other bike to Dixon (I cannot lift my new bike onto a bike rack - waaaaay too heavy.) We'll see.
I forgot to take pictures of the bike. I'll go out in a bit and do that as I have to put something in the shed anyway.

OK, here are the pics:
 You can see the old bike in the background with the trailer behind it.
The big black battery pack is not attached right now; it's in the house recharging. It slides down those 2 gray bars on the side of the back wheel.

I bought the little black pack down by the pedals to hold my tools and the wire basket for groceries, plus the rear-view mirror on the left handlebar. I got that because I forgot to take the one off the other bike this morning! So, now I have 2 and will put them both on the bike. The blue U-lock I had bought last week when I rode my other bike and had forgotten the key to the lock on it! So, now each bike has its own lock. Lucky that the new one matches the bike and the new helmet! I'll probably paint that basket blue!

My mom says the power was out until right before I got home, just as scheduled. Boy, I timed that perfectly! haha. The trucks were still on our little road when I came home. And, I had to ride around the huge transformer laying on the street (part of what they replaced, along with the pole.) Sadly, even though I had the letter posted on the kitchen cabinet to remind us about the power going out today ... I forgot to turn my computer off before I left ... so it did a few funky things when I got home and then re-booted itself. Seems to be fine now, though.

Listened to part 12 of Superman - The Man Without A Face.
I watched episode 12 of the old series Best of the West.

Tonight is the season finale of White Collar!

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