Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7, 2013

Very chilly this morning. Might rain later, too. I don't think it's as windy as yesterday, though.
Walking to the post office again this morning and catching the bus to Davis from there. Have 2 stores to do for the special project today. May be a looooong day, depending on how much excess old glasses they have to credit out.

I am beyond tired this evening. I stressed myself out a bit today. I took a wrong credit form to one of the stores this morning and I forgot credit forms entirely for the other store, so have to do it tomorrow instead ... The store I did do took 4 freakin' hours!!! So, I stopped at the co-op afterwards and shopped and ate my lunch and then grabbed the bus home. It was almost 5 by then. Too long day.

My mom made fiery hot wings for dinner. OMG! It was so good, but so spicy!

Oh. There was no rain, but also no cold wind, either. So, nice cloudy day.

Listening to part 16 of Superman - The Man Without A Face. It's the last part of this serial. Will find another to listen to tomorrow.

I watched episode 15 of the old series Best of the West and episode 5 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

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