Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013

What a nice day - if it wasn't so windy!!
I road my ebike to Davis and back this morning! The way there went really smoothly. I stopped at the Nugget market to rest and found smelts! Haven't had them in years, so I bought 2 lbs. and had half for dinner tonight. Sooo good! Also, got 2 blood oranges. I've never had them before, so it is an experiment. I've been allergic to regular (Navel) oranges since I was born, but I can eat Mandarins and Clementines and tangerines with no problem. So far, I'm fine. So, maybe I can add bloods to the list of okay-to-eat oranges. My ride home was a little more difficult as I was fighting the wind ... had to pedal more and ran out of battery juice about a mile or so from home! Next time I will pedal more on the way there and use the battery on the way home!
When I got home, I searched eBay and found another battery! It should arrive next Thursday. That will double the distance I can cover on the ebike. Also, did more searches across the web for an etrike for my mom. She has really been bugging me about it. She's so worried about not having the car to use. Well, I'll be using it twice next week. The worst that could happen is I get a 'fix-it' ticket as the registration is paid. It just doesn't have a smog certificate yet.

Ugh. Now, she is bugging me about finishing the fence. Wants to know if she would be able to do it by herself ... um. No. Just no.

Went out to sit under the carport after dinner and read a chapter of Supernatural: One Year Gone. I've read a lot of it while riding the bus this week. I should be able to finish it next week.

Listening to  What a Wonderful Christmas by Louis Armstrong. Yes, Christmas. Hey, it's Satchmo. Who cares the season.

My biggest external hard drive is nearly full. I'm moving all of my audio files to the smaller hard drive, which mostly has graphics on it. I'm running out of room to store all my files! Need to get some of the music burned to CDs, I suppose. And, all the videos to DVDs ...

Watched episode 18 of Best of the West.

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