Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013

Wow. Where did yesterday go?! It was a very long day. Serviced 2 stores in Sacramento. The buses were all on time, but I thought I'd missed one, so I walked nearly a mile to the next transfer ... the bus I thought I'd missed passed me!!! But, I still met my transfer on time ... It was a pretty day, too. No wind. But ... the wind is back today.
I used my car to go to Dixon to service a store, stopped at the big produce stand for local honey, lemons and poppy seeds, and then out to the farm in Yolo for 2 gallons of fresh, raw milk. It was a nice, early day.
I'm going out to take some pictures of my lemon tree. We has flowers! We'll have quite a few lemons this year. I didn't expect that. The neighbor, Martin, planted 3 citrus trees before we did and one has died and the other 2 are not doing well ... my tree has surpassed them in height, too. I think it may be because of the weeds (Bermuda grass is awful around here!) I keep a 1-foot area around the base cleared of weeds; they don't ...

I am so over my old Kodak digital camera ... still eats batteries. So, I took pics with my phone. I sure won't do that again! It takes great pics, but it costs way too much to just send them to my email! Wow! I won't get those minutes back! Anyway ... I took 2 pics of the lemon tree and 2 of some of our irises blooming. So pretty!

Now, to test out the Vivitar camera. I promised a friend a while back to take pictures of my moccasins ... hopefully, the pics won't be too grainy like the last time I used it.

Hmmm. There goes that idea ... the batteries corroded in it ...

Well, that was a pain in the butt! The Vivitar is going to the recycler on Saturday (there is a recycle event at the fairgrounds and I have several things I'll be taking.) It was a crap camera to begin with. All pics are very grainy and not true-to-color. So, got the Kodak to take some pics, but it has to go soon, too. I'm tired of it eating batteries. And, I want a camera that will turn on when I press the on button, not after I fight with the battery connection and bang on it a million times! Ugh.

But, here are my moccasins! The pics are a bit dark. I don't have a lot of light in my room.
 After we left my dad in 1980, my mom and I found this little shop in Old Town Sacramento that sold nothing but Native American stuff. She bought me these moccasins and the moccasin boots below. I may need to replace the soles on the mocs soon as I wear them a lot. But, the boots are still like new. I don't wear them enough! Sadly, that shop is long gone.

I just won these on Listia a couple weeks ago. I love them!

Getting ready for dinner (spicy short ribs)!

Yay! I just read that the USPS cannot stop Saturday mail deliveries!

Went outside and read a chapter of Supernatural: Night Terror

Now, I'm listening to New Podcast: Jane Espenson & Brad Bell, Executive Producers/Writers of Husbands!
Click on the Download/listenTV Write Now podcast, episode 3

Oh, this is funny: William Shatner stole Leonard Nimoy's bike!:  

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